‘Big Brother 18’ News: Nicole Franzel, Corey Brooks Update Revealed, Can’t Wait To Cuddle With Her

Big Brother 18 hasn’t been over for long, but all fans want is updates on the showmances from this season. The season ended up with three showmances that could go further. Now Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel fans are hoping to get an update on this couple. They aren’t sharing if they are together, but Corey did share a few details about what is going on with them at this point. Corey went to his Twitter to share his Periscope chat that actually reveals a bit about Nicole. Corey had about 12,000 live viewers on this chat.

Corey Brooks did a Periscope live video with some of his friends on October 4. He shared that it was down to just the double digits before he would get to see Nicole again. Corey next went on to say that when he sees her that he will probably just “cuddle” her for the first six hours that they are together. He said he would see her in nine days, so that means in three more days they will be together. Corey Brooks is not watching the new season of Big Brother.

When it comes to being single or taken, Corey Brooks didn’t really share, but he was trying to get his friends hooked up and not himself. Corey did share that he would be going to LA for Halloween and that on November 27, he would be in New York City. He then did share that he thinks that Nicole is going to LA with them, too. Obviously, Nicole and Corey are spending some time together, but nobody knows if this is as friends or more. He may be heading to Canada on November 3, but that trip would be with Paulie.

Just two weeks ago, Nicole Franzel took to her Instagram and shared a picture with Corey. She had great things to say about him, though. Here is what she revealed.

“Hands down the best decision I made in the game was asking Corey to be my ride or die on day 1. NO ONE had my back like he did. Thanks for everything @coreybrooks, I wouldn’t have kicked butt without you!…..well I would have buuuuut it just wouldn’t have been as much fun???? #bestsidekickeva.”

Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel really bonded on the show and got along great. Their fans would love to know how they are doing now, but they just aren’t saying much. The fact that they will be spending some time together in the next week shows that fans may get more of an update from them.

There is also a really long Periscope with Paulie and Zakiyah that was shared on Twitter. As the Inquisitr shared recently, these two have really been heating things up and are doing well. They have been spending a lot of time together. In this video, Paulie talks about how they will be meeting up with Corey and Nicole soon, so this must be the time that Corey was talking about happening in a few days. The fans will want to follow them on social networks to get all of the details. You know these four will be going crazy sharing what they are up to during their time together.

If you are looking for an update on Natalie Negrotti and James Huling, theT Inquisitr recently shared one on them as well. They are doing great, and Natalie even called James her boyfriend. It looks like they are going to at least try to make their relationship last outside of the house.

Do you think that Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel should be more than friends? Do you think that they are a great couple? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

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