July 18, 2017
Mackenzie And Maddie Ziegler's Mom Under Fire For Allowing Daughters To Be Alone With Boys Overnight

Dance Moms alum Maddie Ziegler may have told magazines that she doesn't want to take her romance with Aussie Jack Kelley too seriously, but many fans seem to be upset at how close Melissa Gisoni, her mother, has allowed her to be with her boyfriend.

Maddie Ziegler's boyfriend has been visiting her in Los Angeles from his native Australia before both she and Mackenzie jet off on their own separate tours. However, the girls have drawn criticism from their Instagram Live stories in which Mackenzie flaunts a low-cut shirt at only 13 years of age and admits that Maddie Ziegler and her boyfriend share the same bed.

Fans have also criticized Maddie Ziegler's mother for allowing her to wear skimpy bikinis and clothing around her beau.

Those who watched Mackenzie Ziegler's recent Instagram Live also state that the girls have been staying with one of their close friends in Los Angeles, a wealthy young girl who lives in Beverly Hills. It was gleaned from social media that the girls have been staying there with Jack without parental supervision and are simply looking after the house while the girl's parents are away, which has caused serious issues amongst many fans.

Some have become so outraged that they have stated the girls are no longer eligible to be role models for their children.

The girls, however, are professionally still doing fairly well. Maddie Ziegler is working on a new project with Sia and Kate Hudson, which will possibly be a new musical movie featuring the trio. She will also go on tour with Sia to Australia and New Zealand at the end of this year, and will no doubt be visiting beau Jack Kelley.

Mackenzie Ziegler is also doing incredibly well for herself, as the young star has just released a clothing line with Justice, a brand for young girls. She is also going on her own tour this summer in which she will act as the headliner with some of her music. The youngest Ziegler has come out of her older sister's shadow and is now making waves of her own in the music industry.

Both girls are happy to have left Dance Moms behind, and neither one of them are eager to speak on the subject matter.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]