WWE News: Ric Flair States Dixie Carter Began WWE Buyout Rumors To Drive Up TNA Price

Unless a wrestling fan has lived under a rock since September 1, the world of professional wrestling nearly turned upside down when Impact Wrestling was nearly bought out by the WWE. It became public when TNA went up for sale, and Dixie Carter was on her way out. Many WWE fans, and TNA enthusiasts, believed it was going up for sale anyway, but the news never got out of their offices. Billy Corgan, the on-screen persona who runs the company, is in the discussion to buy out TNA.

Meanwhile, the WWE appears to be interested in buying Impact Wrestling to enhance their video library. Throughout all the reports, there was never one mention of taking any TNA star and using them on-screen. Not only that, but it doesn’t seem likely that Vince McMahon will sign any of their wrestlers if the purchase does go through. Smackdown Live doesn’t need any help, even though the more the merrier. WWE Raw needs as much help as they can get.

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On October 5, Dixie Carter commented on the sale rumors, according to the 411Mania.com.In two tweets, Carter said, “BREAKING NEWS: There is NO Breaking News EXCEPT that was incredible & the fallout tomorrow on @IMPACTWrestling will be epic!.” She continued, “As long as @unistudios is OPEN @IMPACTWRESTLINGtapings are ON this week. Great TV planned Wed-Sat nights. Come be a part of it!”

It’s evident that Carter is trying to avoid all of the rumors about the WWE buying, or Corgan going all-in and re-branding the entire wrestling promotion. Impact Wrestling has suffered for years, and it was time to make a splash in the wrestling world. Former-TNA star Ric Flair believes that Dixie Carter created the WWE rumors about a buyout to drive up the Impact Wrestling sale price.

“I think that that’s a rumor that Dixie Carter put out to try and raise the ante,” Flair theorized. “Yep. I don’t see them doing that and I’m sure they’d like to have the library, but, I mean, there isn’t a lot to buy. And I’m not saying there’s not talent there. NXT, they’ve got a ton of kids in NXT right now that are all chomping at the bit to come up, so anybody that they acquire from TNA would probably just go over to NXT for a while and it’s just a lot of people.”

Another thing Flair is hearing, because he is deeply tapped into the WWE officials’ room, is that the Hardyz could be returning to the WWE within the next year. Frankly, it only makes sense. TNA is not succeeding and probably won’t unless CM Punk comes in to help. That won’t happen, so it’s nearly inevitable the WWE will buy them out. Even if Carter made up that rumor the entire time, she probably started something that she won’t be able to get out of.

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Throughout her tenure, Carter hasn’t made the best decisions. She’s often done what wasn’t best for business. That has actually hindered the WWE from garnering better creative ideas, due to the lack of competition. Jeff Jarrett tried but to no avail. Hulk Hogan entered TNA and nearly ruined the entire promotion single-handedly.

It’s simply been one problem after another. In a recent article by the Inquisitr, Carter said she would not let the WWE buy TNA. On the one hand, that’s a very admirable statement. She doesn’t want wrestlers losing their jobs. At the same time, she might not have a choice. Corgan may not come up with the necessary money promptly and McMahon just wants to win at everything.

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