Runaway Kanye West Protectiveness: Kanye Ready To ‘Stare Down’ Thieves Who Robbed Kim Kardashian

Kanye West wants justice after Kim Kardashian robbed

Kanye West is “super excited” that he may finally get to see justice done after Kim Kardashian was robbed last week in Paris. Kanye’s runaway enthusiasm to protect his family makes him determined to see the robbers punished, no matter what it takes. Scroll down to find out how Kanye feels about these guys!

There may be an actual break in the case, and if there’s a chance that police are honing in on the people who robbed Kim, Kanye is pumped and more than ready to “see his wife’s thieves go to trial.”

The bad guys didn’t just steal millions of dollars worth of jewelry from Kim, they also terrified her and hurt her physically. Kanye is feeling protective towards Kim, and he has vengeance on his mind towards the men who robbed and frightened her.

West’s hope that the gendarmes in France may be closer to identifying the suspects is based on a recent find. According to Hollywood Life, the cops “found a piece of the stolen jewelry” near the luxury apartment hotel where Kardashian was staying when she was robbed at gunpoint.

The jewelry is even now being tested to see if there’s any trace of DNA that could lead to the thieves themselves.

They may have been smart enough to wear gloves when they duct-taped and robbed Kim, but the fact that this jewel was found means the robbers made some mistakes. Kanye is hoping that they made the huge mistake of leaving behind some DNA on the jewelry.

A Kanye insider said that West “can’t wait to stare down the thieves and see them prosecuted.” It’s got to be incredibly hard for him to feel so powerless.

He’s already hired a whack of security guards, and they’ve put filming of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on hold while Kim recovers from the ordeal and they work out better security protocol.

But the rapper can’t be sure his wife is safe, and he can’t stand that the men who hurt her are still out there somewhere.

Kanye has had to resume his concert schedule after cancelling “gigs in Detroit and Philadelphia following the family crisis.”

He has “the mammoth security ace,” family guard and protector Pascal Duvier back on duty for the first show since Kim was robbed.

West can feel safe at his concerts with Duvier present, but he wants to know that Kim is safe all the time, even when he can’t be with her.

“Kanye is chomping at the bit that he may be able to face the men who gagged and bound his wife, forced her into a bathtub and threatened her life with a gun.”

Amid the rumors that the robbery was an inside job that may have involved Duvier, having the bodyguard run security at Yeezy concerts is a sign that Kanye doesn’t think Pascal is guilty. It would be awful for both Kim and Kanye if it turns out their judgement about Duvier is wrong.

West is ready to stand by Kim throughout a possible court case, regardless of who is guilty of the robbing her. The middle Kardashian sister is “terrified to face her assailants” under any circumstances.

Seeing the thieves get sentenced to a long time in jail would be satisfying for Kim, but they made her “fear for her life,” and she doesn’t want to face them.

It will be difficult for Kim to have to be in the same room as the men who assaulted her and frightened her so badly. But she’ll have Kanye by her side, and he’s feeling all kinds of tough these days.

What do you think? Are the cops about to announce an arrest in the Kim Kardashian robbery case? If they do, will it have anything to do with Duvier or the rest of the Kardashian-West security team?

[Featured Image by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Harper’s Bazaar]