WWE News: Big Update On The Main Roster Debut Of WWE NXT Star Samoa Joe

WWE NXT star Samoa Joe made a big debut last summer when he got into Kevin Owens’ face right around the time Owens was heading to the main roster. The two would face off, but it would not be for the NXT Title as WWE did not have Samoa Joe under an exclusive deal at the time. It would take to the end of the year before Joe even got involved in the title picture and it wasn’t until this year that he captured it.

Joe would go on to lose the NXT Championship to Shinsuke Nakamura at WWE NXT: Brooklyn II this year, but he did prove that he could be a dominate champion for a while. Now you can still see Joe run roughshod all over NXT as he pushes WWE NXT General Manager William Regal into giving him a rematch for the NXT Title. The plan as of now is to give him that title match when NXT goes to Toronto during WWE Survivor Series weekend.

However, he is not set to win the title back as WWE would love to bring him to the main roster. It has been rumored that Samoa Joe would hit the main roster later this year, so this adds up pretty well it seem. The question has been how he would make his appearance and against whom. Rewinding back to WWE RAW this past week, Braun Strowman had been beating up local jobbers every week.

Samoa Joe Finn Balor NXT
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Sadly, the big man has gotten tired of taking on random jobbers and Sin Cara and wants some real competition. He demanded WWE RAW General Manager Mick Foley give him just that, in a threatening way. It is good that the big man wants to work with people that are at least somewhere close to him in skill, which fans also want to see. While it is nice to see a bigger guy beat up people smaller than him, eventually you want the big man to get punched in the mouth and figure out he’s not the only top dog in the yard.

According to Ringside News, this storyline with Strowman wanting competition will eventually lead to the debut of Samoa Joe who will be the competition he seeks. This is clearly a very interesting idea and concept considering Joe has been successful against bigger guys in the past and could really take the fight to Strowman. Look at the type of animal he is in NXT right now and you’ll see that version of Samoa Joe could beat almost anyone if used the same way on the main roster.

Strowman does want competition starting next week on WWE RAW. It seems like Foley will give him one of the WWE Superstars this time, which could be someone like Sami Zayn or Neville originally and then gradually build up to more competitive people. It is rumored that Luke Harper will end up going to the red brand. He’s been officially cleared medically to return after an ACL injury earlier this year.

Braun Strowman Luke Harper
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That said, he might be one of the people fed to Strowman during this entire process considering their history. They could build a story up for the two of them heading into WWE Survivor Series where Harper would lose to Braun. Right after this, Samoa Joe would be free to jump up to the main roster to join the red brand and take on Braun heading into the first of the year. This would be a huge debut for Joe as he would take out the monster among men in his first storyline on the main roster.

While it obviously unknown exactly what will happen in the Samoa Joe/Braun Strowman rivalry at this point, it will be interesting to see how they go about using both guys. Samoa Joe is a Triple H guy while obviously Strowman, as a big man, is a Vince McMahon guy. Both of which management likes and feel they have potential with, so this could come out to an even thing toward the end of the actual rivalry.

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