‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers: Aria Exposed As Uber A By Returning Cast Member?

Pretty Little Liars will return for its final block of episodes in April 2017, but did a returning cast member just accidentally leak the identity of Uber A?

Actress Vanessa Ray, who plays Charlotte DiLaurentis a.k.a CeCe Drake, recently spoke out about what Pretty Little Liars fans can expect from the final ever episodes of the Freeform drama in a new interview with Us Weekly, where she confirmed that the evil Uber A who’s been terrorizing the Liars could actually have been right under fans noses.

Vanessa got seriously candid with the magazine about who she believes will finally be revealed as Uber A when the Pretty Little Liars draws to a close with Season 7b in 2017, and she’s making it clear that she believes one of the Liars will be exposed as Uber A.

“I think it’s going to be Aria,” Ray revealed of who she thinks is Uber A’s true identity, admitting that she believes Lucy Hale’s character has secretly been deceiving her friends for the past several seasons.

“I think like early in the early days, she just kind of had the most to lose,” Ray continued of why she believes it will be the fan-favorite Pretty Little Liars character who’s outed as Uber A when Season 7 continues. “[Aria] was hurt the most by the antics that ‘A’ put her through, so that’s why I think she might be the one that’s coming back to get them all.”

As Pretty Little Liars fans will already know, Vanessa’s character Charlotte was exposed as A back in Season 6, after which she was killed by being thrown off a church roof.

Though it was never revealed who threw Charlotte to her death, Ray did tease that her character’s murder will likely be a big storyline in Season 7b of the drama and even teased that her seemingly dead character could be resurrected from the grave.

Vanessa teased in the Us Weekly interview that Pretty Little Liars fans “might see my face soon,” but didn’t reveal if Charlotte would be rising from the dead to reveal her murderer or if she’ll instead be taking part in Pretty Little Liars’ infamous flashback scenes.


But is there really a chance Aria will be exposed as Pretty Little Liars’ Uber A and also Charlotte’s murder?

TV Line reported back in August that fans were speculating that Aria is Uber A, even going as far as to speculate that A.D., the pseudonym being used by Uber A, could stand for Aria Drake.

Dedicated Pretty Little Liars fans have also set out to prove that Aria is A on a number of different occasions, including Tumblr user officialtmatch who published a popular fan theory seemingly exposing Hale’s character.

Reddit user ScarlettSilver shared a similar sentiment back in May, even going as far as to suggest that Aria could actually have been A since the show first began in 2010.

The fan suggested that Aria’s known mental illness could have caused her to invent the different characters of A, Big A and Uber A that Aria then used to terrorize her friends throughout Pretty Little Liars’ seven seasons while others took the blame.


But while Pretty Little Liars fans will have to wait until Season 7b of Pretty Little Liars debuts on Freeform in April 2017 for more of the drama and to finally discover if Aria is actually Uber A, Hale’s co-star Shay Mitchell revealed back in June that the actor playing Uber A already knows their true identity.

The Liars were asked during an interview on the daytime talk show The Talk if the person playing Uber A is already aware of their alter ego, to which Mitchell replied, “That’s right.”

Pretty Little Liars is set to continue with the second half of Season 7 on Freeform in April 2017.

Do you think theories suggesting Aria is Uber A on Pretty Little Liars could be true?

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