Stepmother Drove 6-Year-Old Girl To Remote Area, Slit Her Throat In Broad Daylight, Say Police

Investigators in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province say a woman drove her 6-year-old stepdaughter, Reem Al Rashidi, to a remote area and slit her throat in broad daylight.

According to the Irish Mirror, at around 8:45 a.m. on Monday, October 3, a woman – who has yet to be identified – went to her stepdaughters’ school in Al Ahsa and pretended to be her mother, using a family identification card, in order to take her out of school for the day.

According to Saudi rules, a student may leave school grounds with a relative if they provide the school with a family photo, which would prove the “child belongs to them.”

The woman, who is believed to be in her 30s, was actually Rashidi’s stepmother – not her biological mother as she portrayed to school administrators – and she is her father’s second wife.

Rashidi’s father – who has not been named — is married to three women and they all live together in the same house.

The first-grader was only able to execute a few activities with her classmates before she was taken out of the school and driven to a remote location in the district of Al-Mahasen.

Her stepmother stated that she was going to take the child home but unbeknownst to the school staff, she had sinister plans.

After arriving at the remote location, the pair exited the vehicle and that’s when Rashidi’s stepmother allegedly slit her throat with a knife she kept hidden in her clothing.

The brutal murder took place in broad daylight, which allowed an unnamed man who was close by to witness the gruesome scene.

The witness told reporters that he tried desperately to stop the woman from slitting the 6-year-old girl’s throat but it was to no avail.

Afterward, the stepmother fled the scene, leaving the girl’s body behind in a pool of her own blood.

The Saudi citizen immediately alerted the police about the alleged murder and they were later dispatched to the scene.

When emergency responders arrived at the scene, the girl was pronounced dead.

The woman was later captured after the witness directed police to the house the stepmother was hiding in, and she was arrested on murder charges.

Arabia girl killed in broad daylight
Stepmother hid in home near remote area where she slit 6-year-old Reem Al Rashidi’s throat [Image via iStock Photo/Christopher Hall]

It was later alleged that before the girl’s body was identified, her relatives reported her missing. When they went to Rashidi’s school, school administrators informed them that she had already been picked by her biological mother earlier that day, but her relatives knew that wasn’t the case.

Not long after reporting the child missing, they received devastating news — the girl was killed in an isolated location when her stepmother allegedly slit her throat.

Investigators have yet to uncover a motive for the brutal murder, but several social media users believe that she may have been jealous of the child. “Maybe the stepmother have psychological problems or I say she is insane,” commented Lani Harim on Facebook.

Another social media user, Sarah, added, “She is the stepmother and a second wife as well, I think she did it because of jealousy. But it doesn’t mean that she’s allowed to kill or murder this innocent kid. Why not kill his husband?

“This is a lesson to those women and to the man as well. To be aware if they have multiple wives like this. People nowadays are getting worse.”

“It’s a sick world we’re living in, with some very sick people. A life that should never have been wasted,” said one Twitter user.

A police spokesperson stated that after receiving “a call from a Saudi citizen reporting the killing. The suspect, a Saudi woman in her 30s, was arrested and the case was referred to the public prosecutor for investigation.”

An investigation is ongoing.

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