Mother Shames Cancer Bullying Daughter By Shaving Her Hair, Posting Footage To Social Media [Video]

A viral video purportedly showing a woman vengefully punishing her cancer-shaming teen has people wondering if some forms of discipline go too far.

In the visual, which was shared by Metro Online, a young girl is seen bawling her eyes out, seemingly begging her mother to forgive her for an alleged wrong, as the elder person stands above her with a pair of clippers. The woman ignores her child’s cries, with one hand wrapped around a section of the girl’s locks, and begins running the cutters across the teen’s scalp. Clumps of hair then begin to fall on the ground, sending the girl into near-hysterics over the heartbreaking sight.

The visual can be seen here. Please be advised that the matter being filmed may be hard to watch for some Inquisitr readers. Proceed with caution.

The caption to the video, which was posted on YouTube, says that the shocking act being displayed is a consequence of the teenager making fun of a fellow student at her school who suffers from cancer.

“This girl bullied another girl at her school who has cancer,” it states, “so her mum decided to shave her head.”

However, as additionally noted in the Metro article, the clip was said to have made its online debut months previous as a result of something else entirely. According to the original story, the young girl allegedly posted nude pictures of herself online, which then caught the attention of the teen’s mom who sheared off her locks to shame her. Comments attached to the YouTube posting seem to support this theory as well, as well as a post regarding the video on the hoax-clarifying website, Snopes.

“Actually, it’s not about bullying someone with cancer. The young daughter was being punished for having premarital sex and the family agreed to cut hair to make her unattractive to young men. Don’t believe the headlines you read especially when it’s in a different language.”

Attempts to discover the location of where the video was shot has also caused varying amounts of confusion, partially due to the muffled voices of the women being filmed. Some have said that the small bytes of sound that are discernible are in Portuguese, while others claim to hear another type of European accent.

Nonetheless, regardless of where the supposed retaliation of cancer mockery or premature sex took place, most seem to agree that the punishment goes way too far to fit either crime, so to speak.

“Parents need to stop posting their children’s humiliation on the internet,” one YouTube viewer stated.

“Have her volunteer at a hospital,” another comment reads, “or take her to a hospice, where people are dying with terminal cancer.”

As such cases usually go on the internet, there are opposing voices who feel that if the cancer story is valid, then the girl received her “just desserts” for making fun of such a dire health issue.

“She [just] shaved her head,” a viewer named Sergio Braz expressed, so says The Mirror. “[Her] hair [will] grow back again, and I think she [learned] a lesson.”

Incidentally, another teen girl like the assumed cancer mocker made headlines earlier this year after being ruthlessly degraded by her own mother during a Facebook live stream. As reported by the Inquisitr, Shanavia Miller of Georgia filmed herself beating her 16-year-old daughter, Nia Green, for allegedly bringing her teenage boyfriend inside of their home and having sex with him.

Shanavia Miller filmed herself brutally disciplining her daughter, Nia Green, on Facebook Live. [Photo by Nia Green/Facebook]

After Green (seen left) posted several scandalous images of herself with her young suitor to Facebook, Miller confronted her child and smacked her with a wooden object, before using her fists to continue her assault against her fear-cowering daughter for several minutes. Miller was never charged with a crime and Green told law officials that she had chosen to remain in her mother’s care following the punishment.

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