Georgia Teen Nia Green, 16, Brutally Disciplined By Mother During Facebook Live Stream [Video]

Warning: The attached video is extremely violent and contains language that may upset some Inquisitr readers. Please proceed with caution before viewing.

Like most teenagers, 16-year-old Nia Green is guilty for sharing a bit too much information about herself on social media. Unfortunately, one recent moment of her life has recently garnered a massive amount of attention, and has gone viral for one of the worst reasons possible.

According to Tea Served Cold, it all began when the Georgia resident posted a shot of her boyfriend and herself, wearing nothing but a towel, to her Facebook page at some time on Saturday. Eventually, word of the salacious snap made its way to Nia’s mother, Shanavia Miller, who, instead of just scolding or punishing her child, took things several steps too far by grabbing Green’s phone, accessing Nia’s Facebook page, and starting a Facebook live video stream.

Then, with more than 4,000 witnesses having a clear view of her actions, Miller began beating Nia with a piece of plywood and her bare hands.

“You wanna hide this boy in my f***ing house,” Shanavia yells before striking her daughter.

“Please, he wasn’t in your house,” Nia attempts to clarify to her mom, before being hit again and attempting to back away into a laundry room.

After ordering an unseen third person to follow after she and Green, Miller continues her reckless assault while the young girl tearfully cowers in the corner, pleading for the barrage of punches to end.

“This is what you want,” she screams before smacking her child with a heavy hand to the face.

“I thought it was my period,” Nia tearfully answers, referencing a previously unmentioned sexual encounter.

After another blow lands on Nia’s stomach, Shanavia condescendingly adds, “You probably got some discharge, with your nasty a**!”

[Photo by Nia Green/Facebook]

The physical and verbal assault continues on for several agonizing minutes, with Miller referring to her daughter as a “thot” (an abbreviation of the urban phrase, “that h*e over there”) repeatedly as she strikes Green in the face, abdomen, and several other areas of the young girl’s body.

After the beating, Shanavia then walks over to the recording device and claims that she is taking over Nia’s Facebook profile for the foreseeable future.

“This is my f***ing Facebook page now,” she proclaims, before pointing the camera back at Nia, who is seen, once again, in the corner trying to protect herself from another possible attack.

“Look at you now! You forgot I know motherf***rs! [You’ve] gone viral with your goofy a**!”

At some point afterward, Miller posted an explanation for her actions to her daughter’s page.

“I love my daughter with all my heart, [and she] is not going to disrespect me or herself for nobody,” she stated. “Ain’t nothing [changed], [she’s] still my baby girl. Lesson learned.”

Shanavia Miller beat her teen daughter, Nia Green, for taking a picture with a boy while wearing nothing but a towel. [Image via Nia Green/Facebook]

After it was rumored that Green attempted suicide following the incident, another post — this one, allegedly from Nia and filled with grammatical errors — was shared to the page.

“I shouldn’t [have] been doing what I was doing,” it read. “I’m only 16 [years] old. I was [going to] open up and tell [my mother] that I was having sex, [but] I was just [going to] wait a couple days to see how I was [going to] tell her. I did go to the hospital only because I [had an anxiety attack] and a real bad headache. I embarrassed my [mother], so she embarrassed me. I’m not defending the live video. [I just] know [that] next time, [I’ll] keep my business to myself.”

Many who have come across the violent video have called for Division of Family and Children Services of Georgia step in to check on Nia, and for law enforcement to arrest Miller for her actions. As of now, there has been no word on whether either move has taken place, but a support page for the Nia was created at some time on Sunday.

Miller, meanwhile, has since followed through on her social media possession threat, recently renaming Nia’s Facebook profile while also adding pictures of herself.

[Photo by Nia Green/Facebook]

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