When Is The Next Presidential Debate Of 2016 And Will Second Debate Topics For Trump And Clinton Include Trump’s Taxes, The ‘Playboy’ Videos, And Alicia Machado?

After all the fun of the first presidential debate, people are already asking, “Hey, when is the next presidential debate?” Yes, they really are. The second debate between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton takes place in St. Louis Missouri on Sunday night, and it airs at 9 p.m. EST on all the major networks and cable news channels. Break out the popcorn.


For those who enjoyed the previous clash between Trump and Clinton, the question now is whether the next debate will give us more on Trump’s taxes, his Playboy video career, and his ongoing battle with his arch nemesis – who’s apparently Alicia Machado rather than Hillary Clinton.

When using a town hall meeting format for the next presidential debate – with questions being posed by the audience – virtually any topic could pop up. Yes, the audience members and their questions will have been vetted by the organizers and the moderator. But when doing live TV, there’s no way to know what they might ask when handed the microphone.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speak during the Presidential Debate.
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speak during the Presidential Debate. [Image by Rick Wilking - Pool/Getty Images]

Taxing Questions for Trump

As reported by CNN, the question of Donald Trump’s taxes has been percolating like old coffee for months now. Trump delayed any discussion of his taxes and any release of documents related to them, until someone got their hands on a few documents that suggested Trump may not have paid any taxes at all over the last 18 years.

Obviously, the idea of a reputed billionaire like Trump not paying taxes is the sort of thing that might come up when regular people are asking the questions at the next presidential debate. Even some Donald Trump supporters may wonder why they are paying more taxes for their minimum-wage jobs than a man who owns skyscrapers in New York.


It’s Just a Matter of When

Is the next presidential debate going to see Donald Trump launching into one of his patented histrionic scream fests? It’s hard to say when it will happen, but given that it’s Trump, it’s almost inevitable if the right topic is raised.

For instance, whether the debate audience brings it up or not, when Hillary is answering questions or responding to Trump, she’ll almost certainly try to slip in a dig or two about Trump’s ever-expanding resume of having starred in Playboy softcore videos. Clinton would be crazy to avoid this topic.


A discussion of the Donald Trump 1990s adult video antics will probably be the point in the next presidential debate when you’ll want to send the kids to bed. When this topic comes up, we could see Trump go straight to his purple-faced, ranting version in short order.

But When Is an Adult Film Star Not an Adult Film Star?

As remarkable as it is, it was Donald Trump himself who brought the issue of his own Playboy videos to the public consciousness when he suggested that former Alicia Machado had participated in adult videos at some point. This insinuation by Trump was all a part of his Twitter war with the Hispanic beauty queen.


When, as reported by CNN, Alicia Machado issued statements suggesting Trump had fat-shamed and otherwise abused her, and Trump wasted no time in ignoring his preparations for the next debate by focusing on a petty grudge with a former Miss Universe. Again, it’s likely that Clinton can hardly wait to bring this topic up again in the second debate, especially given how effective it was in the first.

And just when is the next presidential debate to be followed by the third and last? That will be on October 19 at 9 p.m. EST. Of course, if Trump gets shredded in the second debate the way he did in the first and watches his election poll numbers drop further, it’s always possible he’ll be a no-show for the third.

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