‘Mommy’s Secret’: Is Lifetime Movie Loosely Inspired By True Story Of Bank-Robbing Mothers?

Mommy’s Secret is an engrossing new movie that Lifetime Television is introducing this weekend. As always, Lifetime continues to provide audiences with the latest thrillers.

Mommy’s Secret, originally titled Mommy’s Little Secret, follows a teenage girl who suspects that her mother is behind a strange rash of bank robberies happening in their town. It was directed by Terry Miles and written by John Shepphird, Lynn Grant Beck, Steve Jankowski, and Barbara Kymlicka. Mommy’s Secret stars Charisma Carpenter as Anne Harding, Sarah Grey as Denise Harding, and Amos Mitchell as Quinlan.


Lifetime Movie: Mommy’s Secret (Mommy’s Little Secret) Synopsis

Anne Harding is a single mother who is in over her head after her husband’s death. With the insurance money not kicking in soon enough, this dedicated mother must think of a way to pay the family’s bills. Anne is a member of the PTA, where they are sticklers for rules and regulations. But Anne Harding’s dedication to the PTA is challenged after she moonlights as a bank robber to make ends meet. Anne fixes everything, and her family is depending on her. Plus, her son, Kyle, has accumulated some gambling debts that must be paid, or they could all end up in danger.

Now, local thugs force Anne to make the money by robbing banks. To do this, she puts on a disguise and rides her bike to the locations, where she then presents the bank tellers with a hand-written note demanding the cash.

However, Anne’s life is about to unravel as she is almost recognized by a parent’s mother, and now her own daughter, Denise, is starting to suspect that she is involved. To be sure, Denise launches her own investigation and spots her mother at the United Metro Trust bank in West Mount.

Local police are on the hunt for a man, woman, or teen who is using a bike as a getaway. When Denise checks the police department’s website and sees a photo of the same bike that her mother has been using, she realizes it’s up to her to convince her mother to do the right thing and turn herself in before she loses another parent.

Mommy’s Secret: Is The Lifetime Movie Based On A True Story?

Mommy’s Secret (aka Mommy’s Little Secret) is not advertised as a movie based on a true story. However, here are a few stories that made major headlines.

  • Crystal Little (the name Little was part of the original title) was a Kentucky mother who was arrested for stealing over $70,000 from local banks. Considered “the fixer” of the family, Crystal Little was desperate for money when she became the caretaker for her sick mother. With bills mounting, she decided to wear a disguise and hit up the banks around town. People who knew Crystal Little were absolutely shocked that she could be involved in such criminal activity. The devoted mom worked for “the University of Kentucky’s Office of Research Integrity, an organization obsessed with rules and guidelines in the pursuit of supporting the institution in promoting ethical conduct of research,” according to the Washington Post.
  • Roxanne Pennock was another mother who made headlines for being involved in a string of bank robberies in California. According to True Crime Report, the mother of five used her minivan in the robberies. Authorities say in addition to her minivan, she wore a clown mask, a hood, and used a BB gun during the hold-ups.
  • In 2010, police say Gail Rasmussen was an English teacher by day but a bank robber and gambler by night. The once-respected mother handed the bank tellers hand-written notes demanding that they turn over the money. She was responsible for bank robberies in Massachusetts and Connecticut, according to the Telegraph.

Lifetime’s Mommy’s Secret is executive produced by Timothy O. Johnson and airs this Saturday, October 8 at 8/7 p.m. Central on Lifetime. Last week, the movies Below the Surface and My Husband Is Missing aired.

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