Sandra Oh Returns To ABC, But Not As Cristina Yang On ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Are you a Grey’s Anatomy fan in need of a Sandra Oh television fix? Well, Oh is not back just yet as Dr. Cristina Yang, but she is shooting an arc on another popular ABC show, American Crime. Believe it or not, it’s been two years since Dr. Cristina Yang exited Grey-Sloan Memorial, and now, after several other projects, Sandra Oh is turning up with a recurring role on American Crime.

A true Grey’s Anatomy fan knows that Cristina Yang is Meredith Grey’s person, and Sandra Oh has confirmed that Grey‘s creator Shonda Rhimes has left the door open on Grey’s Anatomy for Oh as Dr. Cristina Yang to return to the show. The character is supposedly off in Europe being an uber cardiologist, but Meredith’s needs, and Owen moving on with a new marriage, might just convince Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) to return, at least briefly.

Sandra Oh is the ultimate Grey’s Anatomy grad, and still a favorite of Grey’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, but Oh is branching out on another ABC series, American Crime, says the Hollywood Reporter. American Crime is launching its third season, bringing groundbreaking and edgy storylines to the network, and fans will finally get to see Sandra Oh back on the small screen.


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Sandra Oh will play the role of Abby Tanaka, a social worker who runs a local, small-town North Carolina shelter for victims of domestic violence. The new season of American Crime will debut in 2017, but as of yet, there is no official date.

E! Online says that Sandra Oh will join returning American Crime regulars Felicity Huffman, Timothy Hutton, Lili Taylor, Regina King, and Connor Jessup on the fairly new but award-winning show for ABC.

E! says that Sandra Oh has carefully chosen projects since she left Grey’s, but the return to television makes fans hopeful that Oh will reprise her role as Dr. Cristina Yang.

“This marks Oh’s first TV gig since the took leave from Grey’s Anatomy at the end of season 10, when Cristina left her person Meredith Grey behind in Seattle to take over ex-boyfriend Preston Burke’s hospital in Zurich, Switzerland. She’s been frequently mentioned on the series since, though Oh hasn’t stopped by for any guest appearances yet. She was with the series since it premiered in 2005.”

But Hollywood Life says that Sandra Oh is choosing the path ahead, rather than looking back, as she has no immediate plans to return to Grey’s Anatomy. Oh says she enjoyed her time playing the iconic Grey’s Anatomy role, but says she knows the door is open, but no plan to walk through just yet.

“If you were hoping for Sandra to reprise her role as Cristina Yang in Grey’s Anatomy season 13, it’s just not going to happen. At least not right now. Sandra recently told Entertainment Tonight that she has no plans to return to the show anytime soon.”

But Sandra Oh has enjoyed teasing fans, posting photos of herself and Kevin McKidd (Dr. Owen Hunt) on the set of Grey’s Anatomy, and tweeting that Owen is her husband and not Amelia’s! Oh still seems to at least socialize, if not work, with several members of the Grey’s cast.

Last year American Crime premiered Season 2 of the ABC show in late January, so it is likely that Season 3 will also debut in January, so fans can get their Sandra Oh television fix.

Are you still hopeful Sandra Oh will return to Grey’s Anatomy?

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