People Are Googling ‘What Does Trump Pence Mean’: Why Are There So Many Uninformed Voters?

We are one month and two days from Election Day 2016 on November 8, and one of the top Google searches for today is “What does trump pence mean?” Why are there still so many uninformed voters this late in the game?

In case you were unaware, Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for president in the 2016 election this November. Mike Pence will be running alongside Trump for vice president. Hence, Trump and Pence for president 2016.

people dont know what trump pence is
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To see the official campaign site of the Republican nominee in 2016 for U.S. president, check out Donald Trump’s website.

Today, October 6, Google search queries for “What does Trump Pence mean” went up 3,4000 percent, the search “Trump Pence meaning” went up 1,700 percent, and “What is Trump Pence” went up 1,350 percent.

The majority of the searches came from the United States, Canada, and Australia.

It may be a cause for concern that citizens in our country are still seemingly uninformed about the presidential candidates’ initiatives for the country, let alone who the nominee’s vice-president candidate is.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, Jimmy went out onto the streets and was surprised to find out how many American citizens thought that there was a “First Lady Debate.”

“Now obviously, there was no First Lady debate, although it would be pretty great if there was. There’s never been a First Lady debate and Bill Clinton is not a lady.”

While this was done for a comedic purpose, it is pretty scary how little our citizens know about politics.

Some people are saying, “Do not vote, unless you’re informed.”

However, if all of these people are uninformed, there is a pretty good chance a large percentage of them will be voting.

People have a responsibility as citizens of this country to inform themselves about the candidates and issues on the ballot well before election day.

Recently, an opinion piece was published in the Wall Street Journal by Dorothy Rabinowitz, a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for the newspaper, urging people, especially uninformed voters, to vote for Hillary Clinton.

The piece was titled “Hillary-Hated Derangement Syndrome.”

“Her election alone is what stands between the American nation and the reign of the most unstable, proudly uninformed, psychologically unfit president ever to enter the White House.”

The journalist attacks Trump and his supporters.

“They are aware of his casual disregard for truth, his self-obsession, his ignorance, his ingrained vindictiveness.”

Hillary Clinton is struggling to win over the millennial vote. Clinton is looking to former Vice President Al Gore to help her energize the youth vote on the issue of climate change. Clinton also wants Gore to reinforce the lasting consequences of voting for a third party candidate, given his experience back in 2000.


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On the other side of things, Donald Trump is said to be a bit off put after Mike Pence killed it during the vice presidential debate last night.


CNBC’s John Harwood tweeted after the debate, calling out the fact that Pence had out-performed Trump.

“Trump adviser on debate after Pence passed up opportunities to defend him: ‘Pence won overall, but lost with Trump.'”


“More from adviser on Trump reaction to strong Pence debate following poor Trump showing last week: ‘he can’t stand to be upstaged.'”


It probably did not make Trump any happier to see that Pence did not defend Trump during the debate.

“Pence did not defend him on these points, he insisted that Trump had never said what Kaine claimed he’d said, and offered policy formulations that differ from the candidate’s.”

Voters have just a little over a month until election day on November 8 to decide who they will vote for.

If you have not registered to vote yet, you can do so here.

Donald Trump’s Son Eric Breaking The Law: Illegal Photograph Of Voting Ballot Tweeted And Deleted [Breaking]

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