WWE News: Dolph Ziggler Hints At Retirement With Recent Tweets?

After losing stars like Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, and Alberto Del Rio before the WWE Draft, it was hard to see anything in the WWE come from the mid-card and be a success. It’s been years since a mid-card feud was relevant. The last time it was close had Daniel Bryan capture the Intercontinental championship at WrestleMania 31. John Cena also made a great impression as the United States champion with his “U.S. Open Challenges.”

So, the mid-card championships weren’t always as relevant as they were in years past. The United States championship isn’t doing very well in the hands of Roman Reigns. He just defeated Rusev for the strap at Clash of Champions. They immediately had a rematch the following night on WWE Raw, and they will fight again at Hell in a Cell. There is just not enough interest to give the rivalry and belt any more credence. The Intercontinental belt has all the hype Raw is looking for.

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Dolph Ziggler and the Miz, who are stealing the show by wrestling or speaking, have made the Intercontinental title relevant. They are consistently putting on the best show possible on Smackdown Live. Both men are telling a story, one that can’t easily be put together with 23 writers having input. People butt heads naturally. Even when Vince McMahon has the final say, there are so many people throwing their ideas around that it gets complicated.

Smackdown Live writers knew exactly how to book this feud before it began. Ziggler needed a feud to propel him further, and the Miz just had to find that one moment to prove he’s worth it. After his shoot promo against Daniel Bryan, it happened. Now, it’s Ziggler’s career vs. the Miz’s Intercontinental belt. In recent tweets, Dolph Ziggler has been selling the idea that he is retiring from the WWE following his match at No Mercy against the Miz.

There is more evidence popping up about his possible departure from the WWE. In a recent article by the Inquisitr, Dolph Ziggler was on Talking Smack to discuss his situation. He seemed very nonchalant with Renee Young and Daniel Bryan, but perhaps that’s just good acting. Ziggler continues to step his game up week after week. That same logic applies to the Miz as well. He’s at his best right now, and Smackdown is soaking up all the success.

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It’s truly unknown who is going to win. Even Ric Flair believes Dolph Ziggler is retiring from in-ring competition in the WWE. Flair, who has broken stories in the past, has behind the scenes sources who often tell him scoops. This situation with Ziggler is just so sensitive that nobody truly knows that’s going to happen.

For WWE fans, that’s the best kind of rivalry. Nobody knew CM Punk would re-sign that night at Money in the Bank. The deal was done an hour or two before his match started. It was best for business for the WWE, and perhaps the same can be said about Ziggler. Hopefully, he stays with the company. There can be many more matches with Miz in the future. Right now, both are on top of their game, and so is Smackdown Live.

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