WWE News: Dolph Ziggler Talks Not Being A ‘Chosen One’ And No Mercy

There are hundreds of rivalries in professional wrestling that are within the hundreds of pro wrestling organizations. They include two men, or two women, who follow a standard storyline formula. There’s a good guy and a bad guy. Each person has a problem with one another. They enhance the feud outside the ring in promos and settle their differences inside the ring. The WWE has had some of the best rivalries of all-time, but nothing can top what WWE’s Smackdown Live is doing right now.

Every single rivalry and character on the blue brand has a purpose and is being done with logic. That’s all the WWE Universe asks for on a weekly basis. WWE Raw can’t seem to figure it out, as each week is different and doesn’t connect. It’s basically written a few hours before each show every week. So, of course, logic and continuity won’t be at the greatest level every time. However, Smackdown Live has figured it out and used that formula mentioned above to its advantage.

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The picture above displays the best storyline in professional wrestling, and it’s not even comparable. The Miz and Dolph Ziggler have been intertwined in a rivalry for over a month now. In that time, they’ve been able to gain an audience that recently tuned out due to a stale product. Yes, the casual fans are tuning in for a feud revolved around the Intercontinental championship. It’s the first time a mid-card title has become relevant in quite a long time.

It’s the Miz’s championship vs. Dolph Ziggler’s career. Every promo and interaction these two have had are simply sensational. There is real emotion and meaning behind their words and facial expressions. It’s actually like these two WWE superstars are trying to go against each other. On Talking Smack Tuesday evening, Dolph Ziggler spoke with Daniel Bryan and Renee Young about No Mercy being his last match and him not being the “chosen one” by WWE management.

“Yeah, it’s crazy, because I kind of base things off of what I hear off the streets, and they’re all, yeah, I know, you’re going to lose and then three weeks later you will show up for a match, or the next night you’re on Raw…No, no, no, the reason this means so much to me and this is all I have is because this is what I have worked for.

“As funny as it is, it kind of screwed up as is, if I was someone who walked in and was hand-picked and said, hey, let’s take a picture, you’re going to be our champion; I would hate that, I would hate myself, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. I would go, ‘this is what forces me to be better than someone else’, whether I am or not, it forces me to do that every single day because I almost have to go out there and gain that credibility again that was shot out the door every week.”

The thing about Ziggler and Miz is actually quite simple. They’re taking real-life situations and putting them into a storyline. On this past week’s episode of Smackdown Live, the Miz brought out Ziggler’s former tag-team partners, the Spirit Squad. Aside from a caddy gimmick with Chavo Guerrero, this was Ziggler’s first time in the WWE spotlight. They aligned with Vince McMahon against Degeneration-X in multiple angles.

He also made fun of Ziggler in a video that aired on Smackdown Live. It was a documentary that poked fun at Ziggler’s WWE career, which has mostly been a disappointment. What WWE fans need to understand is that Vince McMahon makes all of the decisions. If he didn’t want Ziggler to main event pay-per-views, then that was the decision.

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In a related article by the Inquisitr, Dolph Ziggler is wanted in a backstage role, quite like Jamie Noble as an agent. If it’s true that his contract is up and his in-ring career is over, then it was a great career with the WWE. Ziggler was always a company man and never left his quality in check. Hopefully, McMahon knows what is best for business and allows Ziggler to run with the company’s main event on Smackdown Live.

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