WWE News: Several New Details Surrounding Alberto Del Rio Stabbing, New Stories Added, Paige Present, And More

Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio got stabbed over the weekend, making him the second stabbing victim with former Superstar status this week. Unlike Jamie Noble’s situation, there is a lot of speculation surrounding what happened with Del Rio, and many fans wonder what the real story truly is at this point.

MLW Radio reported originally that Alberto Del Rio, now going by Alberto el Patron, was stabbed several times by a man after he hit Del Rio’s car by accident in San Antonio, Texas, this past Saturday. Of course, the two drivers exited their vehicles and had words. This led to the man reportedly pulling out a knife.

Del Rio would turn to leave because he had to catch a flight to make it to a AAA Wrestling show on Sunday. However, before he could do so, the man stabbed Del Rio from behind, according to the report. They would end up on the ground, where Alberto Del Rio would manage to get the knife away from the man. Before Del Rio could stop him, he would escape in his vehicle. Witnesses apparently saw the attack and got the man’s license plate, and police were called. A report was also filed due to the incident.

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The weird part comes afterward regarding the story. According to both the Wrestling Observer and Pro Wrestling Sheet, the police have no record of the attack in San Antonio. This is odd, considering witnesses claimed police were called. Plus, with someone like Del Rio, a former WWE Superstar, they would certainly file a report and have it at the ready for any media inquiry.

The Observer clarified their claim, saying that police are not saying an incident didn’t occur but they simply do not know about it. This is quite odd, and it makes us wonder if the story told was even true or if something else happened with Alberto Del Rio and this terrible stabbing incident.

Daily Wrestling News notes that there is another interesting plot twist regarding the Del Rio story, which involves his girlfriend and current WWE Superstar Paige. The original MLW report did not mention Paige being present during the attack, which most did not call into question, as wrestlers have been separated due to schedules in the past. However, Alberto Del Rio told a Mexican news outlet that Paige was with him during the attack. The Observer then went on to relay the story regarding Paige being present during the attack.

The word was that, unlike the original report where Paige was not involved in the attack trying to stop it, she was in this other story. The story is that when the man went to the ground with Del Rio, he was still stabbing him. Paige would then jump in to help and the man would throw her out of the way. Del Rio would get away to check on her, and that was when the man made his getaway.

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Now, there is even more to the story. The Record, an outlet out of Mexico, claims to have spoken to Alberto Del Rio who told them that he and Paige were attacked by a “drunken homeless man” in the parking lot of a restaurant. Their story also claims the man left on foot when Del Rio went to check on Paige after she was assaulted and not in a vehicle of any kind. This is strange, considering the other story that said the opposite. Also, this outlet, as well as PWInsider, cannot find a legitimate filing for the stabbing.

For those unaware, typically when someone comes into a hospital with a gunshot wound or stabbing, a report is usually always filed to make sure the person who committed the crime can be found. Of course, some cannot always speak due to injuries sustained during an attack, but Alberto would have been fine.

This calls into question a couple things. Firstly, Del Rio claims that his cell phone was lost in the attack, and he was unable to make a call to AAA Wrestling to tell them about the issue until Monday. This is odd, as a hospital or hotel would have had a phone if he truly needed to use it to call AAA officials. On top of this, if Paige was present, her cell could have been used to notify AAA well before this, as she certainly would have international calling if the hospital and hotel didn’t.


Clearly, a stabbing of sorts had to have happened, as Alberto Del Rio’s arm was messed up pretty bad. The question is if the story was true or if something else happened to him that he isn’t telling people. If police were not called or have a report, this means he didn’t want to lie to police and face any possible issues. However, he could lie to AAA officials and the world without facing any legal troubles for it. Maybe a PR hit could happen, but that is about it.

The question remains: Did an attack even happen? Also, what was the deal with Paige? Was she involved in this incident and Alberto Del Rio didn’t want to talk about it until later on? Was he in such shock that he didn’t have the whole story until he made it to Mexico? There are many things to wonder about here, and hopefully, some of the questions will be answered soon. While it was doubtful they would, WWE has yet to release a statement on Del Rio or Paige regarding the issue.

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