Demi Lovato Unapologetic After Creating Bad Blood With ‘Swifties’

Although she already expected it, Demi Lovato did find herself bearing the brunt of criticisms from “swifties” after apparently throwing shade at Taylor Swift’s exclusive squad of pretty models.

But Lovato stood by what she said in an interview with Glamour magazine, where she gave her opinion about girl squads, particularly Swift’s clique.

In a series of tweets, Wilmer Valderrama’s former girlfriend stated that she was just answering questions from the magazine.

She hinted that Swift’s squad seems to be made up of women with perfect bodies and beautiful faces, which immediately excludes those who are less than perfect.

“To be honest, and this will probably get me in trouble, I don’t see anybody in any sort of squad that has a normal body,” she said. “It’s kind of this false image of what people should look like. And what they should be like, and it’s not real.”

Swift’s clique, which included Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Selena Gomez, have some similarities: all of them are pretty, long-legged, and rich. Of course, there’s always that funny friend. In this case, it’s writer/actress Lena Dunham of HBO’s Girls.

They also don’t spend time together unless the “Bad Blood” singer makes the effort to bring them all in one event or party.

Lovato and Swift used to be friends, but apparently they had a falling out. And it seems to be closely associated with what happened between the “Bad Blood” singer and Katy Perry, when the former Disney Channel child star called the singer-songwriter out.

“I think that having a song and a video about tearing Katy Perry down, that’s not women’s empowerment,” Lovato said. “We all do things that aren’t, but I have to ask myself, ‘Am I content with calling myself a feminist?’ Yes, because I speak out.”

The saga of Swift and Perry has been pretty well documented. The two pop stars used to belong to the mutual admiration society back in 2009, and in fact their admiration progressed into a friendship that would last until 2011.

Then John Mayer happened. Both girls dated the crooner, although not at the same time. And there was the time that Swift hired Perry’s backup dancers for her Red Tour. The backup dancers eventually went back to working for the “California Dreams” singer because they’ve been with her for much longer.

But IBTimes said that Lovato is not the only one who frowns upon Swift’s BFFs, or at least the idea of having equally famous friends as squadmates.

For instance, there’s Miley Cyrus, who told the New York Times that she would rather choose friends outside of the entertainment industry than spend time with her fellow celebrities. In fact, the “Wrecking Ball” singer disclosed that nobody among her close friends was famous.

“I just like real people who are living real lives, because I’m inspired by them,” she mentioned.

Rihanna, for her part, said that she couldn’t see herself joining Swift’s squad because they have different brands.

Chloë Grace Moretz also revealed that she was once asked to be part of Swift’s group. However, she really didn’t see the need to join cliques and personally doesn’t like “girl squads.”

Meanwhile, a source from Swift’s camp allegedly reacted to Lovato’s statement by telling E! News that Swift “has a tight group of women in her life that all have her and each others’ back and sometimes people just want that.”

“She thought it was unnecessary for her to make those comments. They both have never been really good friends,” the source added.

[Featured Image by Noam Galai/Getty Images]