‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Update: Casting Call Points To New Eleven?

Stranger Things Season 2 is coming in 2017 and it seems like Netflix and the Duffer Brothers are looking for an actor or actress to portray another patient from the Hawkins National Laboratory similar to Eleven.

Fans Stranger Things are in for a treat after a casting call posted on Backstage for actors and actresses aged 17 and above hints that Netflix may be looking for another Eleven for the show’s second season.

Stranger Things 2: A Sequel, Not Another Season

In the beginning, Stranger Things seems to be no special series, but word of its awesome plot twists rapidly spread like wildfire after the series positive reviews and word-of-mouth.

Obsessed. Hurry up season 2! #StrangerThings pic.twitter.com/gPF0h5oaC7

— Summer Harl (@summerharl) October 5, 2016

After a succession of eight hour-long episodes, the show was able to make its mark though it left fans hanging after the season finale episode depicted Eleven’s demise.

Fortunately, Matt Duffer, one-half of the Duffer Brothers and creator of the show, told Empire that the continuation of the show would serve more like a sequel than a second season.

“If Netflix want to do [another run]. Season 2 would function almost more like a sequel than it would ‘Season 2’. We’re leaving that door open if people like the show.”

He also promised that the sequel would explain mysteries in the series especially those involving the Demogorgon, the Department of Energy, and other evil forces in the loop.

“There’s a mythology in terms of the evil that’s happening in the town that we dip our toes into this season but it isn’t actually explored: it’s only scratching the surface of what this thing is.”

Before Eleven, There’s One To Ten

As you can see, news about Stranger Things 2 is far from dry as recent reports revealed clues that the show is already starting to gather people to cast for the sequel of the Netflix original series.

In the eight-episode Netflix original series, Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, is a patient (more like a project) in the Hawkins National Laboratory who has superhuman powers that she appears to have acquired while her mother underwent experimentation.

In the casting call, an “untitled TV series” is looking for extras or people who would be in the background particularly boys “with longer hair styles” and could pass for a 1980s dude and girls who are “willing to cut their bangs.”

While there is no concrete detail in the casting call that pinpoint Stranger Things, fans and media outlets alike are quick to speculate that it was indeed one from Netflix with Brown’s character as the main basis.

According to one media outlet, there is a good chance that Netflix is casting for other patients from the Hawkins Lab considering that Brown’s character is named “Eleven,” leaving the question of who “One” to “Ten” is.

Aside from that, there is the fact that the casting call is seeking teenagers aged 17 and above which again points to Eleven’s supposed predecessors who have already matured in the Lab.

That could still be quite a stretch for some if they don’t know that the casting call included filming set for Atlanta, Georgia. Did we mention that Stranger Things 2 is filming in that same place?

Of course, all these should still be taken with a grain of salt since nothing has been officially announced yet.

Stranger Things 2 is slated to be aired in 2017 on Netflix as part of the streaming site’s plan to incorporate 50 percent original content.

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