One Direction And 5SOS Are Both On Hiatus: What Does This Mean For Fans?

One Direction and 5SOS hiatus rumors are running rampant in the musical news. 1D and 5SOS are apparently comparing notes. It is no secret that the members of both bands are closely related and talk to each other quite a bit.

It was One Direction who first called attention to 5SOS with their tweets, and helped them gain the attention they needed to break into the business. 5SOS took their first real tour as the supporting band for 1D. Since then the groups have been in frequent contact with one another.

One Direction and 5SOS on hiatus at the same time seems like rubbing salt for the fans though, most of whom have cross-over interests in both groups. What is happening to their bands? Well, first of all, everything is going to be OK.

The 5SOS hiatus isn’t exactly the same thing as the One Direction hiatus. 5SOS is just going to take some time in the studio this winter, which is actually summer in Australia. 5SOS wants to produce another album, but they need a break, so they will rest a bit before getting started according to Health Aim. That is a good thing, and it is hardly a hiatus at all. They are looking forward to returning as soon as possible.

5SOS hiatus amounts to simply taking some time to rest after a long tour and then producing a much-needed new album together. They desperately need new songs for their set lists. There is little chance of any breakup, and any breakup rumors fans might hear for 5SOS are groundless at this point.

One Direction and 5SOS might even collaborate a bit during this time, though no one has suggested anything formally. Maybe they will help out Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and/or Harry Styles with their solo albums. This kind of talking back and forth might even encourage 1D to get together a bit more.

5 Seconds Of Summer performs onstage 5SOS
5 Seconds Of Summer performs onstage [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

One Direction hiatus hysteria is growing. Do not be thrown off by this gossip. It is not coming from the band. There are some things fans can expect to happen when 1D does reunite. Read more about this in the Inquisitr.

One Direction and 5SOS hiatus plans are similar in one way, though. Both bands are tired from long and overbooked tours. These tough schedules may be necessary when a band is getting off the ground, but 1D toured hard for five years, virtually nonstop except for studio time to record an album each year.

5SOS has been on tour for four years with few breaks, and only recording a couple of albums. Some could argue continuing at this pace is too much.

One Direction on stage live
One Direcction [Image by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images]

As for One Direction hiatus, MTV had some advice for Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson.

“If you want to be taken seriously as an adult in the wake of TeenDream™ success, there’s a formula you have to follow… 1. Dramatically break from the past. 2. But that being said, do not break up with the past. 3. Have the music to back it up. 4. Do not base rebranding on aesthetics. 5. Be a young man.”

One Direction and 5SOS are on the same page with this plan. There is no reason for either band to break up to accomplish their goals, but they both need time to up their game and separate themselves just a bit from the little boys they were while appreciating where they came from. They don’t need to diss their former work in order to move forward and improve their skills.

One Direction’s Harry Styles is very much doing MTV’s number three suggestion. He is fighting to up his game musically before completing his album. He is honing his skills and building his knowledge of music.

Niall Horan and Liam Payne are also looking to improve their skills and develop a more grown-up style. This is about career longevity. It isn’t that 1D music is bad, only that the songs are created for teenage boys to entertain preteen girls with.

Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne are very aware that their audience is growing up. What a girl wants to hear at 12 years old can be very different than what she wants to listen to at 18 years old. Someday, Styles, Payne, Tomlinson, and Horan will not pass for teenage boys. They are growing up, and so are their fans.


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5SOS wants to do the same thing, in that they need to create more music. The music they have is already transitioning more smoothly into teen and young adult genres but they just don’t have enough of it. They absolutely must write more songs.

One Direction needs to rebrand. They will use their individual solo work to establish themselves as capable adult musicians before reuniting. When they come back together they will no longer be boys, and 1D will not be a boy band. They will have to grow because their audience is growing up.

One Direction and 5SOS are coming of age and they will mature in their music. 5SOS will probably be able to grow on the road since their music is already maturing, but 1D will display a more sudden shift when they return.

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