After Kim Kardashian Robbed, Kanye West Pays Big Bucks For Top Security

Since Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris earlier this week, her husband Kanye West has gone into protective mode. No one thought for a moment that it would be dangerous for Kim to stay in her locked luxury hotel room in Paris, and now Kanye isn’t taking any chances.

An insider told E! News that “no one expected this to happen to them,” even though Kim is hugely famous who details nearly every moment and showcases a lot of her expensive jewels on Instagram and Twitter.


Billboard called the circumstances of the robbery an “almost perfect storm of scenarios” that made it possible for gunmen dressed as police to break into the Kardashian room and rob Kim without anyone stopping them.

Kim had a ton of expensive jewelry in the room, and thanks to her social media presence, everyone knew about the jewels. At the time of the robbery, Kim’s personal bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, was away keeping watch over Kim’s sisters, Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner. Kim had opted for an early night and was already in bed, secure in the knowledge that the door was locked and the “boutique and supposedly secret hotel” was a five-star establishment.


Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough, and now the Kardashian-Wests, along with many other highly public celebrities, are wondering what they have to do to stay safe. The case “has raised several questions about personal security for celebrities as they travel” and the answers are very expensive, even for super-rich international stars like Kanye and Kim.

Anthony “AD” Davis, founder of AD Entertainment Services, says that celebrities have to accept that some things are vital, even though most of the time they don’t seem all that important.

“Security is like car insurance — you don’t need it until you need it.”

Kim Kardashian’s security is going to cost a lot more than car insurance, though. Top guards can earn up to an astounding $16,000 every month. If the Kardashians want just three of the best guards to share round the clock duties to prevent someone being robbed, the total will be “just under $50,000 a month.”

That would run West $600,000 a year just for one guard on duty all the time, and if he and Kardashian go in different directions sometimes, they’ll be in the same situation that led to Kim getting robbed in Paris.

As an example of just how serious Kanye is about Kim’s safety after she was robbed, Kimye’s arrival back in New York happened amid 10 or more black security vehicles, and it looked like “upwards of 30 guards appeared to be manning their residence.”

“The math on that, if the guards are paid top dollar, would round out to just under $100,000 for a 24-hour period.”


Aaron Jackson is the President of Finest Execution Protection, and according to his usual rates, the cost per hour can vary a lot, depending on who the client is as well as “the potential threat level.” The threat level goes up if you’ve been robbed the way Kim was robbed.

“Celebrities are charged more than, say, a hedge fund guy. That’s a wealthy client and then there’s a public figure. Kim is a very, very public figure. Also, there’s now that added threat level. I would say she’d be charged around $150 an hour per security guard.”


He said that the Kardashian-Wests will have to consider that they don’t want to rely on “a bunch of big guys who follow you around and open doors. You’ve gotta have guys that have the instincts to identify suspicious individuals, identify suspicious packages, that have had training and experience.” The way Kim and the other Kardashians keep in close touch with fans on social media is also the way that the bad guys know exactly where and when to find Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie. It’s hard to hide when the internet is everywhere.

“Celebs of all kinds are great targets for pervs, creditors and criminals.”

We’re hoping that the Kardashians work out their security problems so that none of them have to go through being robbed the way Kim was in Paris.

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Harper’s Bazaar]