WWE News: Did Sasha Banks And Charlotte As Main Event Spark Ratings For ‘Raw?’

For the second time in World Wrestling Entertainment history, the women headlined Monday Night Raw. The first time it occurred was during the Ruthless Aggression Era when Lita took on Trish Stratus for the Women’s championship. This was a time before they were called Divas, and WWE officials actually cared about women’s wrestling. It was hard not to at that time. Lita and Stratus are Hall of Fame wrestlers for a reason.

Sasha Banks and Charlotte is this generation’s Lita and Stratus. They are close behind the scenes and have insurmountable chemistry in the ring as well. Every match they have together seems to get better. With the high risk and in-ring logic, both women know how to work a crowd very well. Instead of focusing on the technical wrestling, they were story-centric and focused on the in-ring work as a whole. The constant yelling back and forth added a great deal to the bout.

WWE Women's Champion Charlotte

So, nearly after Lita and Trish Stratus, Vince McMahon decides to put the women in the main event. It’s a risk, even though their storyline is solid and the wrestling is always superb. However, does women’s wrestling draw? That’s the golden question that many wonder on a daily basis. WWE analysts look to see what is profitable in pro wrestling, especially the WWE. Already faced with a difficult viewing night, WWE Raw is having a hard time deciding anything right now due to their very poor ratings and illogical booking.

Last week on WWE Raw, they had the presidential debate and Monday Night Football to compete against. The ratings were the second-worst in WWE history for Monday Night Raw. Many WWE fans thought officials just threw in the towel after knowing what they were up against. On the October 3 edition, there wasn’t that competition. According to Daily Wrestling News, Sasha Banks and Charlotte did help the ratings grow for WWE Raw.

“Monday’s WWE RAW, featuring Sasha Banks winning the RAW Women’s Title from Charlotte in the main event, drew 2.797 million viewers. This is up from last week’s 2.478 million viewers, which was a new low going back to the 90s. Last week’s show did face major competition from the first Donald Trump – Hillary Clinton debate and the NFL.”

“For this week’s show, the first hour drew 2.877 million viewers, the second hour drew 2.870 million viewers and the final hour drew 2.644 million viewers.”

That has to be something WWE officials are proud to have accomplished. Banks and Charlotte aren’t going to sell out arenas and bring in millions of t-shirt sales. However, they have the best storyline on WWE Raw, and it may not even be close. Last week’s ratings had no chance, to be frank. According to a recent article by the Inquisitr, the first numbers for the debate came in, and it spelled a grim result for Raw’s ratings even before they were officially released.

Image by WWE.com

To even further enhance the rivalry between Sasha Banks and Charlotte, the WWE may make history at the next pay-per-view, Hell in a Cell. There’s a rumor flying around the Internet that suggests Charlotte and Banks will engage in a Hell in a Cell match, which would make it the first for any women’s match in the WWE. If any two women can handle the cell, it’s those two.

WWE Raw still has a long way to go until they get to the level Smackdown Live is at, but it’s a start. The women are headlining shows and are consistently on point. While the main event and mid-card feuds are near senseless and careless. Dolph Ziggler and the Miz, on top of the Smackdown main event, is the best wrestling in the WWE, and it may not even be close. At least they have the women to carry the workload and bring the fans in.

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