WWE News: First Numbers For Debate Recorded, ‘WWE Raw’ In Danger Of Horrid Ratings?

Monday Night Raw has hit a rough stretch over the past month and a half. Their writing is starting to become mediocre at best. The WWE Universe isn’t reciprocating with support either. WWE Raw’s recent episodes haven’t brought anyone to their feet. There aren’t any surprises to excite fans. Instead, it appears they are taking the easy way out every week. On September 26, the WWE had its first WWE Raw after their first brand-exclusive pay-per-view, Clash of Champions.

There were two rematches from the pay-per-view on the show. Roman Reigns and Rusev opened up the program with a United States championship match. It was Rusev’s rematch for the belt he lost at Clash of Champions to the former WWE World Heavyweight champion. Later that night, the Club, who was going to receive their 10th title shot in the last two months, fought the New Day for the WWE Tag-Team championship.

Austin Xavier
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Many just called the show on September 26 Clash of Champions 2. It’s fair justification after what the WWE was up against on Monday evening. Not only was there Monday Night Football between two popular teams, but a debate was going on between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Most debates do very well on television, and it was confirmed last night that it was the most-tweeted debate in U.S. history. Therefore, the ratings should equate with that level of interaction.

If the WWE would’ve stacked the deck for the night, then perhaps they’d have a chance in the ratings war. Alas, the news that came out Tuesday morning is a tease to WWE Raw’s demise on Monday night. The debate on Monday evening battled the WWE Raw in ratings, as well as Monday Night Football. First numbers for the debate’s ratings are in, and it’s not good for WWE, according to Daily Wrestling News.

“In what likely means bad news for the WWE RAW viewership, last night’s debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton drew a 46.2 overnight TV rating with a 63 share, up 17% from the Mitt Romney – Barack Obama debate in 2012. This rating covers four broadcast networks and three cable news networks – ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, FNC and MSNBC. We’ll keep you updated on RAW viewership today but in comparison, Super Bowl 50 had a 46.6 rating with a 72 share and drew 111 million people.”

Those numbers are incredible, but they aren’t surprising. Americans will pay attention to what their priorities are, and wrestling wasn’t a priority Monday evening. That’s why the WWE needed to utilize all their resources and not re-create matches from the night before. WWE fans can notice that and react accordingly.

According to a recent article by the Inquisitr, WWE Raw’s ratings aren’t doing well, even if a national debate is on. They reached below 3 million again last week, and it will probably remain the same this week. Instead of trying to bring fans back every week, they’re still catering to the younger demographic, which is nowhere near their primary audience.

WWE Raw possible spoilers for Monday show

The picture shown above is Roman Reigns spearing Chris Jericho. Their feuds continue illogically, and the ratings are proof of that. For example, the Samoan-born superstar was supposed to be pushed down the card after getting suspended. Instead, he is either starting the show or in the main event. Jim Ross alluded to the fact that he is just getting booed because it’s the popular thing to do. The WWE legend is absolutely correct.

It doesn’t stop there. During TJ Perkins’ match with Tony Nese, the crowd in Cincinnati chanted things like “Go away” and “CM Punk.” Crowds are starting to lose interest, main event stars aren’t being built, and the ratings are going down. WWE must step up and if putting someone at the head of writing that can make a difference is the answer, then that must happen.

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