Purple States Poll Results: Trump And Clinton Election Polls In Contested States Have Hillary Clinton Running Ahead Of Donald Trump Before Second Presidential Debate

The purple states poll results are in and things are looking incredibly good for Hillary Clinton in her contest with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Purple states – also known as “swing states” or “battleground states” – are states where either candidate might have a reasonable chance of winning in the 2016 presidential election.

The results of the most recent purple states presidential election polls show that Hillary Clinton is leading in nine out of 11. One race is tied. In short, out of 11 contested states, Donald Trump currently leads in only one. If that isn’t the recipe for a landslide, it’s hard to say what is.

Which states are considered “blue states” – likely to vote Democratic – or “red states” – likely to vote Republican – or purple states varies from election year to election year. Many decades ago, the so-called “solid South” almost always voted for Democrats.

In more recent decades, Republicans have dominated the South. Although the last two elections have seen Democrats making some of the Southern states purple or even blue again. In his first presidential election, Obama took several Southern states that often vote Republican, such as Virginia and North Carolina.

In this particular election, polling experts have determined that the most contested states – and thus the purple ones that Trump and Clinton will be fighting over – are Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Virginia, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Donald Trump applauds at a rally in Arizona

Florida Poll Results

Florida is a must win for Trump, but one that Clinton could afford to lose. But the recent poll by Quinnipiac in Florida has Clinton at 46 points and Trump at 41. A five-point lead for Clinton is not something the Trump campaign can survive in Florida.

Michigan Poll Results

As reported by the Detroit News, their own state poll shows Clinton with 42 and Donald Trump with 35 in a four-way race. Here, Clinton leads by seven points. It seems unlikely Trump can turn this around.

North Carolina Poll Results

Current Elon University poll results in North Carolina give Hillary Clinton 45 and Trump 39, meaning she has a six-point lead. Another poll recently conducted in North Carolina by Quinnipiac shows Clinton with a slightly smaller three-point lead. In either case, North Carolina is clearly competitive enough to be considered a purple state these days.

Pennsylvania Poll Results

Another perennially purple state is Pennsylvania. Republican presidential candidates often dedicate themselves to winning it, and Democrats are equally determined to defend it. The results of the most recent Frank & Marshall poll has Hillary Clinton at 47 percentage points and Donald Trump at 38, meaning a nine-point lead for Clinton.

A Monmouth University poll is even better for Clinton, with her standing at 50 points to Donald Trump’s 40. A 10-point lead makes Pennsylvania seem less like a purple state and more like a locked in blue state.

Nevada Poll Results

The most recent presidential poll in Nevada was conducted by UNLV/Hart Research and puts Hillary Clinton three points ahead of Donald Trump, with 44 points to 41 points. Although definitely a purple state, Nevada has gone Democratic in four of the last six presidential elections. It will probably do so again.

Virginia Poll Results

While Virginia was once a stronghold of the Republican Party, it is getting bluer and bluer every year. Barack Obama won it twice. The Virginia presidential poll results provided by Christopher Newport University show a seven-point lead for Clinton, with Clinton at 42 and Trump at 35.

Colorado Poll Results

Another Monmouth University purple state poll result shows Hillary Clinton with a 11-point lead over Donald Trump in Colorado, with Clinton at 49 and Trump at 38. To confirm that this isn’t just an outlier, the Keating research poll results also have Clinton leading by 11.

Iowa Poll Results

As reported by Quad City Times, a poll released by Loras College on the Monday just before the first presidential debate has Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump tied at 38 percent. Given that most people believe that Hillary Clinton won the debate, it’s safe to assume these numbers might have shifted in favor of Clinton, but for the moment let’s just assume it’s still a tie.

New Hampshire Poll Results

WBUR/MassINC recently released a four-way race poll for the very purple state of New Hampshire in which Hillary Clinton stands at 42 percent and Donald Trump stands at 35, meaning a seven-point lead for Clinton.

Ohio Poll Results

As shown by the most recent Quinnipiac in Ohio, this is the only one of all the purple states where Donald Trump actually has the lead in. In Ohio, this poll reveals that Donald Trump stands at 47 percent, while Hillary Clinton stands at 42, giving Trump a five-point lead.

Wisconsin Poll Results

The last of these purple states is Wisconsin. At one time, Wisconsin was a solidly blue Democratic state that often produced Democratic candidates for president of the United States. Despite the rise of right-wing politicians like Scott Walker, the most recent Emerson poll results show Hillary Clinton with a seven-point lead over Donald Trump.

Taken as a whole – or even individually – the purple states poll results are not good news for the Donald Trump campaign. Even aside from the fact that Trump is behind Clinton in nine out of these 11 states and tied in one, there is also the historical and electoral college fact that it’s virtually impossible for any Republican to win the presidential race without also winning Florida. Right now, this doesn’t look too likely for Donald Trump.

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