Andy Cohen On Having Vicki Gunvalson Take Lie Detector Test At Upcoming ‘RHOC’ Reunion

Would Andy Cohen actually have Vicki Gunvalson submit herself to a lie detector test regarding whether she knew her ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers was lying about having cancer at the upcoming Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 reunion show? During Andy’s talk show Watch What Happens Live on Monday night, which featured Vicki’s co-star Meghan King Edmonds and Shahs of Sunset and Yours, Mine or Ours star Reza Farahan, he talked about the possibility of bringing out a lie detector test to determine once and for all whether Vicki is telling the truth when it comes to the whole Brooks having cancer story.

The question of using a lie detector test at the reunion show was originally posed to Meghan. During the after-show portion of the talk show, a viewer asked Meghan if she would have Vicki take a lie detector test about not knowing that Brooks didn’t have cancer. The viewer then asked if Andy would do it if Meghan refused.

It seems that Andy has been asked about having lie detector tests at reunion shows before because he immediately gave an explanation on why he won’t do it. Andy pointed out that having lie detector tests at reunion shows would drag them out because then the housewives would keep challenging one another to take them.

“I feel like…first of all, I feel like bringing lie detector tests out at reunions is a dangerous precedent because I feel like we would never get through them. We would have to allot a week because they [the housewives] would be like, ‘Fine! I’ll take a lie detector test. You take a lie detector test!’… So I just feel like it’s really tough.”

While Andy doesn’t think that lie detector tests at reunion shows are a good idea, he is open to the idea of a show dedicated to asking the housewives to tell the truth about something the others think they’re lying about. Andy got very excited while talking about the new show and even said that he’ll be in charge of it.

“I mean I feel like, I feel like Bravo should…we should do, remember that show Moment of Truth? We should do, it was on FOX, we should do Moment of Truth Bravo Edition. I want to host it, I’ll EP (executive produce) it, it’ll go through my production company…every week we’ll have like a housewife…one week can be like with Vicki, ‘Did you know about, you know’…and then next week it would be like, you know, ‘Bethenny [Frankel of The Real Housewives of New York City], did so and so send you the photos [of LuAnn de Lesseps’ fiance kissing another woman]? Who sent you the photos?'”

When Meghan chimed in that Vicki wouldn’t go on such a show, Andy said with a smile that she would if the money’s there.

“If we pay her enough she will.”

Perhaps viewers will indeed see such a show on Bravo, either on TV as a full-fledged show or on as a web series, in the near future?

As for whether Meghan herself would request Vicki to submit to a lie detector test about Brooks’ cancer, Meghan said that she definitely would if Andy Cohen allowed her to.

“Heck yeah I would submit her. Yeah I would submit her. I mean I can’t but if I had the authority I would do it.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 reunion show is filming soon. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a few weeks ago, Vicki Gunvalson shared a video of herself and co-star Kelly Dodd out shopping for dresses for the reunion show, which Vicki said they’ll be filming in October. On Sunday, Vicki revealed that she did a skin treatment in preparation for filming later this weekend. Perhaps she meant the reunion show?

On Season 10, it was Meghan King Edmonds who first began questioning whether Vicki’s then-boyfriend really had cancer, as he and Vicki claimed. As Vicki told the women about Brooks’ cancer diagnoses and treatments, Meghan became suspicious. Meghan made it clear that she found the cancer diagnosis suspicious. She repeatedly questioned Vicki on Brooks’ supposed treatments. As the season went on, Meghan revealed that she even took action to determine whether Brooks and Vicki were telling the truth, going so far as calling the medical office that Brooks claimed he received treatment.

During the season, Vicki maintained that Brooks really had cancer and that she was not helping him lie about anything. However, on the reunion show, Vicki admitted that Brooks may have lied about having cancer. She said that she was duped. She maintained, however, that even if he did lie, she did not knowingly lie for him. She said that she was only guilty of believing a man she loved.

On the current season, Vicki has continued to tell her co-stars that she did not knowingly lie about Brooks Ayers having cancer. Surprisingly, it isn’t Meghan King Edmonds who has continued to lash out at Vicki this season about her supposed lies — it’s Vicki’s former friend Shannon Beador. On Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, when Vicki claimed that she knew secrets about Shannon’s marriage to David Beador, Shannon told the other women that Vicki is lying, just as she lied about Brooks having cancer and continues to lie about not knowing that.

Vicki maintains her innocence. Earlier on Monday, when Vicki posted a flyer for an event she and other housewives will be at, a viewer left a comment accusing her of not taking responsibility for being a part of Brooks’ cancer scam.

Vicki Gunvalson responded that she never took part in any scam. She implied that if there was any scam, it was Brooks’ doing alone.

“I never ‘participated’ in any scam. You might want to take that up with my x.”

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