Simon Cowell Penis Photo: ‘X Factor’ Hosts Speaks Out About Wardrobe Malfunction

Viewers thought they were in for a treat when they thought they saw Simon Cowell’s penis on live TV. Penisgate started over the weekend when David Walliams shared a screen grab that shows Simon sitting with his left leg bent next to Spice Girls Mel B and Emma Bunton filmed inside the Judges’ Houses segment of the show.

Check out the incriminating photo below for yourself.

Even David Walliams jokingly wrote in the tweet, “So nice to see ‘Little Simon’ again,” making fans assume that Cowell accidentally flashed the audience. According to Pirate FM, the tweet received over 1,500 retweets and over 3,900 likes. Viewers of The X Factor UK took to social media to speculate whether or not Cowell showed the world his penis. Most assumed that it was an accidental wardrobe malfunction or the photo was edited to make it look like it was his penis that was shown.

“WHAT OH MY GOD Is that photoshopped? Please tell me it’s photoshopped,” one user wrote.

“Omg the Simon Cowell penis or naked toe argument from last night’s episode is too hilarious for this Sunday afternoon,” another added.

Well, now Cowell is putting penisgate to rest. On Monday morning’s This Morning, his friend and Xtra Factor star Rylan Clark-Neal said that Cowell spoke to him to clear things up on the morning show.

“Simon spoke to us and said, ‘This was just my toe. It was unfortunate and embarrassing, but I just want to clear up toe gate.”

Host Phillip Schofield jokingly said, “Not really,” and said he was planning on recreating the pose, but only after the show, reports the Daily Mail.

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell is clearly embarrassed about "toe gate." [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

Rylan was made aware of the wardrobe malfunction when his Xtra Factor co-star Matt Edmondson brought it up to him.

“Matt said to me, ‘Have you noticed anything peculiar about Simon on the show tonight?'”

Prior to that interview, Cowell wanted to clear up “toegate” in a separate interview, as cited by Express.

“Before anything else I want to clear up toe-gate. It was quite embarrassing when I saw it online but it was just my toe. I have a very large toe.”

Simon already caused enough controversy on the show when he asked 17-year-old finalist Samantha Lavery to wash off her makeup. The remark didn’t sit well with one viewer, who took to social media to address it in light of Simon’s penis gate.

“When he asked her to take the make up off, why didn’t she tell Simone about his wardrobe malfunction [SIC]? #XFactor,” one fan wrote.

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell insists you didn't see his penis on national TV. [Image by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images]

“Samantha I wish we had met you without what you think is your pop star image. With you I think we’ve had a bit of a mask put up. I’d almost like to see you without so much make-up. All I’m saying is I want to peel away the mask. Does that sound bad?” Simon asked.

Mel B. and Emma Bunton defended the young girl, adding that teenagers “experiment” with their looks and it’s “what kids do.” Despite Cowell’s controversial comments, Samantha walked off to wash off her makeup. She came back make-up free and bare-face, which earned her a spot in Cowell’s final three. The 56-year-old judge admits he wasn’t being mean this time around.

“I didn’t say it to be mean,” he told her. “I actually said it because I hadn’t quite connected with you.”

However, viewers on social media accused Cowell of “shaming” the young aspiring singer. Many of them took to Twitter to express their frustration over his cruel remarks.

One user added: “Thank you @SimonCowell for reminding us that women aren’t allowed to dress how we want – by shaming a 17 yr old on national TV.”

Simon Cowell has also been making headlines for his remarks about the supernatural. He claims that he’s been haunted by ghosts, but he’s not scared of them. He grew up with ghosts in his home, and he later discovered a place that had a history of bizarre behavior. It got so bad that the place had to enlist the help of an exorcist, added Cowell.

“Over the years I have seen and heard things so I do believe in ghosts, but I am not afraid of them,” the Daily Star quoted Simon saying, according to the Irish Examiner. “They just want to make contact and say hello.”

Did you happen to catch Simon Cowell’s toegate this past weekend? Did you, like others, assume that you saw his penis on live TV? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Featured Image by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images]