Nebraska Teen Mom Under Investigation After Allegedly Killing Premature Newborn By Throwing It From A Second-Story Window [Video]

A Nebraska teen mom is under investigation in relation to the death of her premature newborn infant. The allegations against the 16-year-old are shocking, and they rocked an Omaha apartment complex early Friday morning.

According to investigators, the Nebraska teen mom gave birth alone in her room in the early hours of September 30. After the baby was born, the unidentified teen mom reportedly threw the tiny infant out of her second-story bedroom window. Afterwards, she reportedly went downstairs and told her own mother what she had done. As the Omaha World-Herald reports, the teen mom’s mother went outside and saw the baby in the grass and began performing CPR.

When Omaha police arrived on scene, it was reportedly to find the woman still giving CPR to the Nebraska teen mom’s critically injured newborn.

First responders transported the premature infant to Creighton University Medical Center; the baby’s mom was also taken to the facility to be examined as she had just given birth. Unfortunately, the premature infant did not survive and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

At this point, all potential charges against the Nebraska teen mom are pending as investigators wait for the results of an autopsy that was done on the infant. It is unknown at this point precisely how premature the newborn was or whether or not its premature birth could have contributed to its death.

Investigators haven’t yet determined a cause of death.

According to reports, the local prosecutor who handles juvenile cases has been informed of the situation, despite the fact that the Nebraska teen mom hasn’t been charged in connection with her preemie’s death. At this time, it does appear that any legal repercussions that the teen mom faces will be through the Nebraska juvenile system, but that could change.

Neighbors at the teen mom’s Nebraska apartment complex are reportedly shocked, stunned, and disgusted by the unfathomable early morning crime. Police and EMTs reportedly arrived on scene just after 4:00 a.m. Some of the Nebraska teen mom’s neighbors were awakened by the sight of police with flashlights searching for clues, others by the sound of an ambulance’s sirens as it drove away. The unluckiest actually saw emergency personnel carrying the battered preemie to the ambulance.

“I saw one (of the women) saying, ‘My baby, my baby. It was terrifying.'”


Neighbors of the Nebraska teen mom have called their apartment complex quiet and peaceful, a place that is usually full of children playing outside and rarely the scene of any disturbances, domestic or otherwise.

“Very rarely do you hear any noise; no arguing or anything. No trouble or no disturbances.”

At this early stage into the Nebraska teen mom’s alleged crime, authorities have declined to release her name or other identifying information; her neighbors who spoke to the media have not confirmed the teen mom’s name. At least one said that they didn’t know the Nebraska teen’s name, but that they would “recognize her” if they saw her. The neighbor added that the apartment complex where the Nebraska baby was allegedly killed by its teen mom often sees tenants that don’t stay long-term.

It is expected that it will be at least several days before the allegedly murdered preemie’s autopsy results are available. It is unknown how much additional time may be required to investigate the actions of the Nebraska teen mom and to determine what charges could be filed against her in connection with the horrific final moments of her infant’s short life. While little information is being released about the infant or its mother, multiple news outlets have reported that the baby was a little girl.

The Douglas County Juvenile County Attorney is handling the case and will be the official who determines what, if any, charges the Nebraska teen mom could face.

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