Claud 'Tex' McIver: Lawyer Kills His Wife, Blames 'Black Lives Matter' Fears -- Had Chauffeur Drive 4.5 Miles To Hospital

The tale that Claud "Tex" McIver, an Atlanta attorney, has told about how his wife was shot and killed at his hands is reminiscent of the movie The Bonfire of the Vanities. Like the below scene from the movie (warning: explicit language), McIver claimed that his driver took an unexpected turn in Piedmont Park, and with his proclaimed fear of Black Lives Matter protesters and car-jackings, McIver brought a gun with him on the ride.

According to, Tex and his wife, Diane McIver, were being driven in their SUV when the tragic shooting and killing of Diane happened. Oddly, Tex sat in the back set of the vehicle whilst his wife sat in the front of the SUV, in the passenger's seat.

That positioning put Diane in a position of danger, because the gun Tex positioned on his lap accidentally went off, according to him, when he fell asleep and the driver hit a bump in the road.

What's being questioned by those who read Tex's seemingly tall tale is why Diane was driven nearly five miles away to Emory University Hospital on Clifton Road, instead of a closer hospital. Mrs. McIver would die during surgery several hours after the shooting.

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Tex -- like the lead character played by Tom Hanks in The Bonfire of the Vanities -- seemed to be one of the masters of the universe, as rich and powerful men are coined in the book and movie. Now McIver, like the lead character in the movie, seems to have his fortune and career on the line -- all because of what Tex claims was a tragic mistake.

Tex's fear of Black Lives Matter protesters, along with a supposed wrong turn into a so-called dangerous section of Atlanta is very similar to the scene prior to the one shown in the above clip of The Bonfire of the Vanities, wherein Melanie Griffith's character looks around the dangerous neighborhood and asks, "Sherman, where are all the white people?"

The scuttlebutt on social media already proves a variety of reactions to Tex's claims of his fears of Black Lives Matter protesters as the reason he had a gun displayed so prominently on his lap -- and bumps as the reason for Mrs. McIver's death.

The fact that Tex's best friend was driving when Diane was shot and killed, as reported by, is adding more fuel to the fires of suspicion in the McIver case.

Tex works with the law firm Fisher and Phillips, and ironically the American Bar Association placed them on the committee called "Standing Committee on Gun Violence."

The fact that Piedmont Hospital would have been a closer distance to have Diane treated is also raising flags with those who read about the incident.

Mrs. McIver has been called "extremely intellectual" by her former coworker.

[Photo by Branden Camp/AP Images]

A sampling of the social media comments regarding Tex's case can be found below.

"I have a feeling I will be seeing a 20/20 episode about this."

"Reached briefly on his cell phone Wednesday morning, McIver's husband, Tex, described his state as 'the worst I have ever felt' before saying he had to attend a meeting that would last into the afternoon.' Yeah, you seem really broken up about ravenous a** clown. SMFH #Murica"

"The title is a little much, but so is his BS story about this man killing his wife. SMH."

"This attorney killed his wife and it looks like the cops and his limo driver were in on it. This part at the end is almost comical. Wonder how long before the attorney and his secretary will come out and make it official."

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