Kathryn Dennis Confirms She Will Not Be Seen On ‘Southern Charm’ Season Four And Twitter Isn’t Happy

Kathryn Dennis made her exit from Southern Charm official on Friday morning.

Following tons of rumors regarding her role on the show, the mother of two took to Twitter on September 30 to confirm that she would no longer be seen on the Charleston-based reality series.

“[I] was excited to show the new me on [Southern Charm] but they aren’t interested. I want to thank my fans for everything and wish [Southern Charm Season 4] luck!” Kathryn Dennis tweeted.

As for what’s next, the reality star revealed she would be focusing on her two children, Kensington, 2, and Saint Julien, 10 months.

“It’s time for me to focus on my kids and myself. This was the best decision for us!” she concluded. “No hard feelings. Good luck y’all!”

Let @Bravotv know what you think about no @kathryn_dennis on #SouthernCharm https://t.co/zRD1ELdmcd

— Annie (@AnnBarnettNews) September 27, 2016

While Kathryn Dennis seems to be at peace with her decision to leave the show, her fans are certainly not. In fact, they’ve been flooding her with comments ever since her tweet was shared, and everyone seems to think Bravo TV made a horrible decision in letting her go. One woman, in particular, noted that the ratings for the series would plummet without her and said that the network would likely come begging for her to return. Others said Kathryn Dennis was the reason they watched the series and said they wouldn’t watching if she wasn’t going to be on.

“I’m not going to watch the show anymore, I only watched because of you,” a fan wrote.

Also on September 30, FITS News shared a report about Kathryn Dennis’ exit from the show, revealing that her relationship drama with ex-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel had led to “ratings gold” for Bravo and revealing her storyline resulted in a major increase in viewership.

Another report questioned how the show would be without its unofficial star.

“Well, that’s a major bummer, isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, most of the other cast members make the Bravo series entertaining and worth watching, but what is Southern Charm without Dennis? Let’s face it, she is the show,” Bustle’s Allyson Koerner pointed out. “Since Season 1, Dennis has brought the drama, the fights, and the laughs to one of Bravo’s best reality series. Can you imagine it without her? It certainly won’t be the same and, to be honest, I’m afraid it won’t be as good.”

Just weeks ago, a report by All About the Tea seemed to hint that Kathryn Dennis would be featured in the show’s fourth season, which will likely premiere on Bravo sometime early next year. After sharing photos of a number of cast members together for filming, including Cameran Eubanks, Dani Baird, and Craig Conover, the outlet revealed that Ravenel had recently shared a tweet which suggested he was leaving the show.

In his message to fans, which has since been deleted, Ravenel said, “As I’m being cut out of [Southern Charm‘s] major scenes, I’ve decided to remove myself from any further humiliation by exiting [Southern Charm] in its entirety.”

Meanwhile, the source added that although Kathryn Dennis hadn’t yet filmed any scenes for the Bravo reality series’ fourth season, the network was trying to work her into the series. The outlet also told fans they should expect to see her when the show comes back in the coming months. Sadly, that isn’t going to happen.

In recent weeks, Kathryn Dennis has been spending tons of time with her two kids and sharing plenty of photos with fans as she enjoys her family outings.

[Featured Image via Kathryn Dennis/Facebook]