Rigged Is The New Normal

I’d like to make an announcement.

We have passed a significant marker in our march towards complete and total oligarchy, and I think it’s worth stopping and mourning its passing.

Brace yourselves people; the evidence is in — the Democrats are never going to run a real primary again. That’s the end of democratically-elected nominees. We can say that for sure. We don’t have to wait and see. We have the proof already.

If you don’t believe me, then try this — suggest to any current Democrat supporter that the primary election was rigged.

Go ahead. Go and do it now. There’s one on your Facebook news feed, waiting. Go and say, “The DNC primaries were rigged.” Or post this article, and wait. Someone will be by soon.

Watch. They will huff and puff and feign outrage. They will say something along the lines of “Nay good fellow, it was not rigged! They just wanted their gal in, so they did what anyone would. That’s not rigged, that’s just normal stuff.”

They will then go on about how you’re immature and tell you to grow up because this is how the real world works. Something along those lines, anyway. You know the drill. I’m sure it’s happened to you already.

So yeah, according to your regular Democrat, that’s not rigging, that’s just normal stuff.

Let’s stop and listen to them. They are telling us their truth. That’s just normal now. They believe that that’s not rigged; they think that was fine.

And of course if they think it’s normal, then they are obviously happy for it to continue.

So, I think we can safely say, as of October 2016, the Democratic faithful don’t have any issue with the DNC’s conduct and they are more than happy to allow them to continue in the same fashion.

Democrats are telling us it was fine. It certainly was not “rigged” to them. So not only are they not going to fight it now, but they’re not going to fight it in the future either. Why would they? They don’t think anything bad happened.

They’re making that abundantly clear, and they are saying it in plain English.

What the DNC did in secret this past primary election is now the new normal. They won’t even have to hide it next time. After all, it’s not “rigging” the election, it’s just what parties do now. Which is an invitation for the Republicans too, I guess. Why not? Let’s have both nominees chosen by the establishment.

“I don’t care who does the electing, so long as I get to do the nominating.” William M. Tweed

So, from now on, the DNC will decide on their candidate, and they will use their considerable resources to ensure that that candidate wins over the others.


Sigh. Let’s just grok into that, shall we? There will be no holding anyone’s feet to the fire over that one. No one thinks it was rigged anymore, so what’s there to change? Everything that was outlined in the emails, all the us-and-them stuff, digging into Bernie’s past to try and discredit him, coming up with a religious smear campaign for him, not taking his requests for more debates seriously, or his concerns that the Clinton campaign and the DNC could be pooling money, and, in an outrageous act of cruel irony, internally mocking the Bernie campaign’s concerns that they were colluding against him, all of that and much much more is fine according to you average Democrat. All of these and many other violations of Article 5, Section 4 of the Charter, aka the Impartiality Clause, were just plain normal stuff. Nothing needs change here, according to your regular Hillary voter. That can all continue, but with their blessing. No need to hide it.

So there you go. You are free to continue doing that DNC. Go right ahead, your supporters don’t even buy that you did anything wrong in the first place.

In the same year that we passed the climate-cataclysmic 400ppm carbon marker, we have also, as a species, decided that democratically chosen candidates don’t matter and that a few rich people can choose a nominee and force us to vote for them with their smug circular logic trap.

“Oh darling, if you don’t like our gal, vote third party. Oh! That won’t work either? Oh dear. Looks like you’ll have to vote for our gal then…” Cue maniacal laugh.

I just wanted to point that out.

That is all. As you were.

[Featured Image by AP Photo/Matt Rourke]