June 29, 2017
Minnesota Sisters Found Dead On Island While Vacationing, Family Demand Answers

Two Minnesota sisters, Annie Korkki, 37, and Robin Korkki, 42, were found dead in their $ 1,800-a-day luxury resort villa on the tropical island Seychelles, Fox News is reporting.

Witnesses, who last saw the women before they died, said they were consuming plenty of alcohol Wednesday and had to be assisted to their villa by staffers around 8:15 p.m.

They died overnight in the villa.

The sisters who had been vacationing since September 15 at the Maia Luxury Resort and Spa were found unconscious and later pronounced dead after they were examined by a doctor. An initial examination of their bodies by police hinted at no signs of violation or aggression.

A personal butler to the Korkki sisters had expressed worry Thursday when at 8:45 a.m., the sliding door leading to their room was still locked. He waited a few more hours and when he heard no noise from the room, he expressed his concerns to the management who alerted the police.

The sisters were found in the same bed, nothing else was touched in the room. Police authorities, as part of their investigation, confiscated the medication that they found in the room. The sisters were meant to leave September 22, but had extended their stay because they were having a fun time at Seychelles.


The sisters had been sharing pictures of their vacation on Facebook. The pictures included a panoramic view of their luxury villa and the sandy beaches of the tropical island. In a photo, dated September 17, Annie Korkki had described the island in the comment section as the "best place ever."

Annie worked with JP Morgan Chase and lived in Denver. Her sister, Robin, was Head of FX and Metals at Allston Trading and lived in Chicago. Their brother, Chris said the Korkki family was still reeling from the shock and were looking for answers about what actually happened.

"It's all very surreal. Our family is still very much in shock. We're devastated. Everyone is trying to understand and come to terms with what happened."
Chris who also lives in Minnesota described his sisters as healthy and experienced travelers who always "wanted to live life to the fullest." He noted that the family had no information at this time and that local officials and the U.S. Embassy were not divulging anything about the tragedy.
"At this point, the only details we know are the articles flying around online. My mom has been talking with people from the US Embassy. I don't think they've provided her with any information."

The mother of the sisters and a brother, Mike who both live in Colorado are currently in Seychelles and trying to bring the bodies back to America. The bodies of the sisters have not been released as authorities await autopsy results to determine the cause of death.

Seychelles is located 900 miles off Africa's east coast. It is a tourist's paradise dotted with natural reserves, sandy beaches, and coral reefs. The Maia Luxury Resort and Spa that the Minnesota sisters died is a 12-acre property on the island of Mahe.

The five-star hotel comprises of 30-suites, 20 villas, and ten oceanfront villas. Each of the villas comes with a personal butler, private pool, and a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean.

An online campaign has been launched to bring the women back home. The creator of the page, Kim Haller, has called for donations so that Annie and Robin can make the journey back to the U.S. and be buried.

Haller described her friends as people who lived life on their terms and were happy about it.

"They were fun, compassionate and the life of every party … they loved to be adventurous and would travel to places we would only dream of … these girls were one of a kind."

Remember to say a prayer for Annie and Robin Korkki today.

[Featured Image by TPopova/iStock]