'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Spoilers: Rick's Shocking Change Revealed

The Walking Dead Season 7 is only weeks away, and fans can't stop talking about the possibilities of what may happen in the season premiere. While everyone is focused on finding out who Negan's unfortunate victim will be, other big moments will surely be in store for viewers as well.

According to Comic Book, besides the fact that one or more beloved characters will die in The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, Rick will go through an extremely hard time. Actor Ross Marquand, who plays Aaron on the show, recently revealed in an interview what else fans can expect in the first episode back.

Ross says that fans will see a much altered Rick after Negan's brutal takeover of his group. The actor claims that Rick will be completely emasculated by Negan and that there will be a huge shift of power in the group. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, rumors are flying that Spencer may actually try to overthrow Rick as leader when he's at the lowest point in his life.

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Rick turned upside down in Season 7.
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"I think it's the complete emasculation of Rick and you get to see a huge power shift in the group. What you'll see is that the entire way their society has been structured, the power and the leadership roles, will now be completely thrown on their head. I think people are going to have to adapt to that. People are going to have to look at that world and say, 'Is this something that I can truly assimilate into or am I going to have massive issues with this new world that Negan has laid out before us?'"
Ross also reveals that Walking Dead fans will see Rick struggle with Negan's presence in general during Season 7. While Negan will kill one of Rick's closest friends, he'll also essentially steal half of everything he and the rest of the group at Alexandria have worked so hard for.
"Truthfully Negan has a very simple premise that he's put in front of these people. He says, 'Give me half of your things or I'll kill you.' For some people in the apocalypse or otherwise, namely Rick's group and Rick specifically, that's a hard pill to swallow. The idea of giving half of your things to someone who has not earned it and has earned it only through intimidation and fear and other violence and brutality, that's going to be something that some people have a difficult time grasping and they're going to have to decide how they're going to work in this new society."
The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers: Who will Negan kill in the season premiere?
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Meanwhile, The Walking Dead Season 7 is also set to quickly resolve that brutal Season 6 finale cliffhanger. In the final episode of Season 6, Rick's group finally meet Negan, and it's not a pretty meeting. Negan explains to the gang that he'll be taking half of all their things, and that if they let him do so peacefully he won't kill them all. However, Negan goes on to say that he does need to kill one member of the group as retaliation for all Negan's men Rick's and company have killed. Negan then picks a member of the group at random and bashes their head in with his baseball bat, which he's named Lucille.

Rumor are flying that Glenn will be the character to meet Lucille in The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, but other theories also have Abraham being killed off in the episode. Are fans about to witness two fan favorite characters bite the dust in the season opener? All will be revealed in the premiere on October 23.

What are your thoughts on the latest Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers and the rough time that lies ahead for Rick Grimes?

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