Steve Martin Crafts For Bob Kerrey: Surreal And Very Funny [Video]

Understated and very funny would be three words to describe funnyman Steve Martin’s video endorsement of Democratic Nebraska Senate candidate, Bob Kerrey.

By the power of craft, Martin, 67, explains entirely unnecessarily how to make nothing at all out of paper, while anonymous hands hold up signs with pro-Kerrey messages written on them.

Martin — a playwright, musican, novelist, and star of such screen gems as the The Jerk, The Man With Two Brains, All of Me,Bowfinger, and so many others — is reportedly a good friend of Kerrey’s.

The video is hosted on Kerrey’s own website but is now picking up traction on other outlets. An ex-Navy seal, awarded the Medal of Honor in Vietnam, and a self-made millionaire, Kerrey, 68, is widely thought to be a long shot for election.

With his Governor glory days well behind him, currently Kerrey’s numbers are considerably lower than Republican US Senate candidate Deb Fischer.

In a recent interview in which he talked about his chances at the ballot box, Kerrey said:

“I’m not sure I can close the gap. What I’ve got to do is finish the campaign saying I’ve told Nebraskans what I think needs to be done, and most importantly for me, I’ve got to make an effort to conquer a perception that I’m doing this because [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid talked me into running.”

Attacked mercilessly by Republican super PAC American Crossroads for returning to Nebraska after 10 years spent in New York, it remains to be seen whether Martin’s star power can help Kerrey close the gap.

But whatever happens, watching Martin’s surreal video is a refreshingly charming way to sell politics.