September 27, 2016
'King Cobra': Trailer For Dramatized Version Of Murder Of Adult Filmmaker Bryan Kocis Released [Video]

A visual retelling of one of the most controversial acts to ever take place in the world of adult entertainment has finally gotten an official release date and a trailer.

The first tease for King Cobra, the film that chronicles the life and times of former Cobra Video CEO Bryan Kocis, made its way online Monday. Based on the best-selling novel, Cobra Killer by Andrew E. Stoner and Peter A. Conway, the film features 80s movie icon Christian Slater as Stephen, the renamed counterpart of the late pornographer, James Franco and Keegan Allen as Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes, the two men and fellow porn purveyors who were charged with Kocis' 2007 death, and former Disney kid Garrett Clayton (Teen Beach Movie) as Sean Paul Lockhart, better known to gay audiences as Brent Corrigan, one of the most notable "twink" performers of the XXX-genre.

The trailer can be seen here. Please be warned that while there is no nudity or sexual acts involved, it is of an adult nature. Proceed with caution.
As noted by Rolling Stone, Kocis, a former medical photographer, discovered Lockhart back in the early 2000's through an online model search for his films. Immediately struck by his good looks and ample physical assets, Bryan would go on to sign Sean to a exclusive contract with Cobra, making him the main star in several of his erotic films. With each passing scene, Lockart's popularity grew and in turn, so did Kocis' wealth and popularity. However, the young Lockhart believed that he would be better off without continuing his work for the man that made him infamous.

Enter Cuadra and Kerekes, two romantically-involved male escorts who were also trying to become massively successful in the gay porn world. After reaching out directly to Lockhart, the duo met with the adult film star in hopes of getting him to sign with their company. Sean was somewhat interested, but knew that due to his contract with Kocis, he would be unable to film with any company other than Cobra.

Not that that would be a problem to Cuadra and Kerekes, however.

"[I know] someone who would do anything for [me]," Lockhart alleges Cuadra told him about his dedicated partner.

Several days after the meeting, Kocis planned one of his own at his Pennsylvania home with a model named Danny Mollin, who had inquired him about working for Cobra. Mollin, who turned out to be Kerekes, would go on to hack the 44-year-old to death during their interview, nearly decapitating him in the process. To cover up his tracks, he then followed up his gruesome act by lighting Kocis' body, and the home, ablaze.

Police would arrest both Cuadra and Kerekes in April of 2007, two months after the death of Kocis, thanks to Lockhart and his then-business partner, Grant Roy, assisting their investigation by being fitted with wires to monitor conversations with the killers. Lockhart went on with his adult film career for several years, before partially retiring from the industry in 2012 (he has made occasional returns).

bryan kocis
The real Brent Corrigan (Sean Paul Lockhart). [Image by Brent Corrigan/Twitter]

When asked about King Cobra coming to the big screen, the now 29-year-old revealed to Gay Star News that he was offered an opportunity to be part of the project, but he ultimately chose not to do so.

"I chose to stay out of it because it was clear to me they were not trying to make a movie that would serve gay men, the gay adult industry, or any justice with what happened to Bryan," he stated. "Yes, I'll see it. Likely in the independent theater with everyone else. I'm stubborn, but still curious."

Kerekes and Cuadra are currently serving life sentences for the murder of Kocis. King Cobra is scheduled for released on October 21, 2016, by IFC Midnight. Feel free to check out a scene from the film featuring Franco and Allen below. It is slightly NSFW.

[Featured Image by 'King Cobra'/Twitter]