Amber Pasztor: New Disturbing Details Emerge In Case Of Mom Who Allegedly Murdered Her Two Young Children Then Drove Their Bodies To A Police Officer

Amber Pasztor is already in jail for allegedly killing her two young children, and now police believe there may be a third victim.

Authorities in Fort Wayne, Indiana, issued an Amber Alert late on Monday for two young children they believed were kidnapped by 29-year-old Pasztor. The children — 7-year-old Liliana Hernandez and 6-year-old Rene Pasztor — were found dead on Monday night, leading police to charge Amber Pastzor with murder.

The mother allegedly murdered her two young children and then drove their bodies to a police officer’s patrol car, ABC 7 in Chicago reported.


Police said Pasztor stopped the officer to inform him that there were two dead children in her car. The officer didn’t know beforehand that the woman who stopped him was wanted for abducting two young kids.

“It’s not a well traveled road, so people will stop and ask for directions,” said Sgt. Chris Snyder of the Elkhart Police Department (via WNDU). “So he was taken a little off guard and caught a little bit surprised exactly with what happened when she told him what the nature of her stopping him was for.”

Investigators said it made for a gruesome find.

“Anytime you have kids involved, that makes it a little bit harder,” Snyder said. “A lot of it is unknown. A lot of it, for the officers, is the way our portion of this transpired. Again, not knowing a lot of the background, not knowing a lot other than the mere fact that there is a car parked behind our police station and there are two deceased young kids in there.”

Reports have suggested there could still be another victim — 65-year-old Frank Macomber, who police believe may have been with Pasztor at the time the children were murdered. Police found the body of an older man on Tuesday but did not say how he died or disclose the deceased man’s identity.

The arrest of Amber Pasztor generated interest not only in the Fort Wayne area but across the country. The Amber Alert after the children went missing described her as a “non-custodial mother” and noted that the children were believed to be “in extreme danger.”

“The children were last seen at 6:21 am EDT in Fort Wayne, IN and are believed to be in extreme danger. Fort Wayne, Indiana is 125 miles north of Indianapolis, Indiana. Allen County Sheriff believes the children were likely abducted by their non-custodial mother Amber Pasztor a 29 year old white female, 5 feet, 6 inches tall, 250 lbs., with long blonde hair. Suspect vehicle is a Mercury, Mystique, Tan in color.”

The case got a bit of national attention thanks to Nancy Grace, who tweeted pictures of the missing children and of Amber Pasztor on Monday in the hours before the children were found murdered.


Amber Pasztor has a long history of trouble with police, ABC 57 reported. There were reportedly warrants out for her arrest, including ones for violating a protective order and not complying with a previous sentence. Pasztor had been convicted of criminal trespassing in August and sentenced to 365 days in jail.

She was also charged with underage drinking in 2005 and in 2006 charged for drunk driving and causing bodily injury. Pasztor has a slew of other arrests, including three charges of battery between 2009 and 2010 and several charges of operating a motor vehicle without receiving a license.

There are still other details yet to emerge on the arrest of Amber Pasztor, including exactly how the children were murdered or whether she could face charges in the death of the older man whose body was found on Tuesday. Police are also unsure how Pasztor and the children ended up in Elkhart.

[Featured Image by Amber Pasztor/Facebook]