Rosie Perri Reacts To Teresa Giudice’s Friend Robyn Levy Badmouthing Her On ‘RHONJ’

The latest episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey revealed an intriguing backstory involving Teresa Giudice’s cousin, Rosie Pierri, and friend, Robyn Levy. Robyn and her wife, Christina Flores, joined the cast’s trip to Vermont. During the bus ride to the resort, Robyn revealed that she has an issue with Rosie. Teresa explained in a confessional interview that Robyn and Rosie used to be good friends but had a falling out, a falling out that Robyn still doesn’t understand and which Rosie refuses to acknowledge. A flashback scene filmed earlier in the season of Rosie basically ignoring Robyn at Teresa’s book signing was then shown.

As the episode aired, Rosie reacted to Robyn talking ill of her. Rosie re-tweeted a viewer’s opinion that the show needs more of Rosie and less of Robyn. Clearly, Rosie would rather not see Robyn on her TV screen anymore.


Rosie also posted a tweet in which she threatened that she’ll tell everyone the truth. She ended her tweet by calling some people “b**ches.” Perhaps Rosie meant Robyn?

“Give me 48 hrs straight with a pack of Marlboro reds & a bottle of black and I’ll tell u all the truth! #B**ches!!”

Robyn also tweeted as the episode aired. She re-tweeted a viewer’s tweet that pointed out that Rosie is a hypocrite for cutting Robyn out of her life but then demanding that she be included in Teresa’s life.


Robyn also re-tweeted a blogger’s opinion that Robyn wasn’t there just to do Teresa’s dirty work but had her own issues to work out, possibly about her friendship drama with Rosie.


What’s the story with Rosie Pierri and Robyn Levy? On Wednesday, All About The Real Housewife published an article providing a lot more backstory on the two women’s relationship with one another. The article claims that while the latest episode seems to show Robyn as having popped up out of nowhere, Robyn has been part of the Real Housewives circle for years, not just as a friend of Teresa’s and Rosie’s friend but also as someone who has worked with Jacqueline Laurita’s husband, Chris Laurita, and former housewife Caroline Manzo’s two sons, Chris and Albie Manzo. Photos show Robyn with Chris and the Manzo boys, as well as with Rosie and Kathy Wakile from throughout the years.

Citing a show insider, the website reported that Robyn and her wife were paid the same amount to appear on The Real Housewives of New Jersey as Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker, as it was unclear when filming began who was going to round out the rest of the starring cast. As filming progressed, production made the decision to promote Dolores and Siggy, showing their scenes and leaving out Robyn and her wife’s scenes. As the Inquisitr reported in December, 2015, Dolores, Siggy, and Robyn and her wife were first cast as “friends” of the housewives, with promotion to a starring cast member role depending on performance. When Bravo first announced Season 7, only Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, and Jacqueline Laurita comprised the main cast.

As for why Rosie cut off her friendship with Robyn, the website didn’t give a specific reason, although it did speculate that “fame got in the way” and that Rosie and Kathy “were super territorial of the RHONJ cameras from the start.” Yet the article also states that Rosie already stopped returning Robyn’s calls before her involvement with the seventh season. Once filming began, the relationship went from bad to worse.

The article then described how Sunday night’s episode was edited to make Robyn Levy out to be the bad guy. Apparently, when Robyn began talking about her situation with Rosie Pierri to the other women while on the bus, Jacqueline Laurita kept saying that Rosie denied any friendship with her. Some of the other women agreed, saying that Rosie told them they were never friends. Later, at the resort’s fire pit, Jacqueline again brought up Rosie to Robyn to get a reaction out of her. Jacqueline and Robyn then engaged in a back-and-forth argument, during which Robyn called Teresa Giudice out to clarify a text that had to do with Rosie.

These scenes were edited out of the latest episode, which resulted in Robyn seemingly badmouthing Rosie out of the blue and then later yelling that she’ll “rage on [Jacqueline’s] ass” without much provocation. The article also claims that Jacqueline had already been going around calling Robyn Teresa’s “soldier” for months.


Is this all true? Robyn re-tweeted the link to the article and said that it pretty much describes what really happened. She added that she couldn’t really disagree with what the article claims.


Siggy also confirmed that Robyn and Jacqueline were already having issues with one another before the Vermont trip. Siggy added that there’s so much more that was not seen.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Robyn tweeted on Monday that after the bus ride, Jacqueline sent her a text asking her why she has to be so normal.

Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey only showed Robyn, during the group’s bus ride to the Vermont, saying that she has her own issue with Rosie and that she’s hurt by Rosie. A previously unaired scene from Teresa Giudice’s book signing was then shown, showing Robyn asking Rosie if she was going to ignore her. Rosie told Robyn that she wasn’t ignoring her but has just been busy with work. Rosie then walked off, saying that she wasn’t going to talk to Robyn anymore. Teresa was then shown in a confessional interview saying that Rosie and Robyn used to be really close at one point but had a falling out. Teresa said that while Rosie keeps trying to have a relationship with her, she keeps ignoring Robyn, who simply wants to understand what happened with their friendship.

Perhaps viewers will get more of the backstory regarding Robyn Levy and Rosie Pierri, as well as what really happened between Robyn and Jacqueline Laurita, in a future episode?

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