Jamie Dornan Hints Wife Amelia Warner Is Not Huge Fan Of ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Starring Dakota Johnson, Christian Grey Actor Prioritizes Family In News

Jamie Dornan has his wife Amelia Warner’s full support, but that doesn’t mean that she is a big fan of his movie projects. The Irish actor, who famously portrayed Christian Grey, revealed that she has not seen any of Fifty Shades of Grey, hinting that, as much as she can, she avoids watching her husband make out with Dakota Johnson.

During an interview promoting the new Fifty Shades of Grey sequel, the 34-year-old actor revealed a detail about his family life that his fans did not know before.

“She hasn’t watched it,” Christian Grey actor admitted, according to E! Online. “Why would she watch it?”

Indeed, there are not many good reasons that Amelia Warner should tune into her husband locked in love-making with Dakota Johnson, the fact that she actively avoids it says something about their marriage.


In fact, Jamie Dornan recently admitted that he is not the most confident man in the world.

“Of course I’m insecure, I feel insecure about everything,” he said to Irish Independent. “Nothing changes when you become famous. I can remember making videos with a camcorder or voice recordings and you always cringe a bit when you see or hear yourself. I don’t believe there are any actors who feel totally secure and if they do, well, that’s worrying.”

But one thing that he is not insecure about is his budding family. He is the father of two beautiful baby girls, and he is doing his best to make sure that he keeps his family together. He is so invested in making them happy that he just dropped a large sum of money on a new Hollywood home.


“It seems that Fifty Shades of Grey star James (aka Jamie) Dornan is all about tranquil pools and serene patios, based on the style of his new piece of Hollywood Hills, CA, real estate,” reports Trulia Blog. “The British hunk just dropped $2.843 million on a four-bedroom, four-bathroom Mid-Century Modern home, and from the looks of it, it’s the perfect place to get away from the stresses of being one of Hollywood’s rising stars.”

That is sure to make his wife happy.

With Fifty Shades Darker trailer released this month, the fans are going crazy about Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson dating rumors again. It looks like just because they make love in the shower for the movie means that there may be some actual chemistry between them.


But none of that has proven to be true. Jamie Dornan is focused on his wife and family more than ever, and Dakota Johnson continues to concentrate on things that propel her career forward.

“She never fails to pull out a show-stopping look when it comes to the red carpet,” reports the Daily Mail. “So it was no surprise to see Dakota Johnson scoring big in the style points as she attended Gucci’s Spring Summer 17 show at Milan Fashion Week. Arriving at the Italian fashion house’s latest catwalk event, the 26-year-old Fifty Shades of Grey star channelled the season’s look in a chic floral dress.”


The 26-year-old actress has figured out that she has some strong fashion sense, which has landed her on best-dressed lists in many news outlets. So, she has been using this aspect of Hollywood life to get herself in headlines, not via scandals which include her poor co-stars like Jamie Dornan.

The father of two is releasing many movies this season, but that has not stopped him from connecting with his babies.

“We’ve got two little girls now, so it’s pretty insane… One of my best friends said that one is a pet, two is a zoo,” he said to PopSugar.

“It’s been a big adjustment and it’s definitely harder and you get less time to yourself, but human beings are very good at adaptation,” he added. You have to just go with it and accept less sleep and accept less time in your hands and accept less reading of books and washing and all the usual things you do in a day.”

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