Meghan King Edmonds Miscarriage: ‘RHOC’ Star Getting Unfair Treatment By Fans?

Meghan King Edmonds was anxious and excited about her upcoming doctor’s appointment on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County because she would be learning whether the IVF process had worked with one, two, or none of her eggs. Meghan and Jimmy Edmonds had decided to implant both a boy and a girl to see which one would stick in her uterus, and for a while, King Edmonds claimed that she could feel both babies in her belly. She was also convinced that she was pregnant with twins, but during last night’s episode, she learned that only one baby had survived and that she had miscarried the other baby.

According to a new tweet, Meghan King Edmonds is now reacting to some harsh tweets that she received after learning she had miscarried one of her babies. When the doctor shared the news that there was only one heartbeat, Meghan broke down crying. As she said in her confessional interview, it was both a happy time and a sad time.

She was happy because she got one strong heartbeat and the doctor told her she had a healthy pregnancy, but Meghan King Edmonds was caught up in the loss of the one baby. King Edmonds received a harsh tweet, which was quickly deleted by the user. In fact, the whole user account has been deleted, which could be due to Meghan reporting the user. But King Edmonds still replied to the tweet, which resulted in many comments from her fans.

“You are an insensitive parasite to say such thing. Please go back to your chat room or whatever losers like u do,” Meghan King Edmonds replied to the follower, who has since been deleted on the social network.

“Are you f**king kidding me?!?!? Yes she has a healthy baby but she also lost one! I hope you never feel that pain,” one person wrote in defense of Meghan, while another added, “comments like this are made by insensitive self centered individuals who have no idea what they are talking about.”


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King Edmonds was clearly upset about the loss of her baby as shown on The Real Housewives of Orange County, and many fans reached out to her, letting her know that they had gone through the exact same thing. Losing a baby is painful whether the baby is 12 weeks or just a few weeks old. And as one follower pointed out, Meghan was devastated because one of the babies died.

“Wow!!! That’s horrible of you too say. She had TWO Babies put in and only ONE made it which means 1 DIED!” another follower wrote after reading the shocking tweet, while others added, “don’t waste your time on this trash. The rest of the intelligent world understood your mourning,” “I’m just watching now and I feel for your and Jimmys loss! But joy hearing the heartbeat! Such an emotional moment,” and “I’m currently 7th months pregnant and have enjoyed every second, but the loss of the other baby felt so real.”

It sounds like King Edmonds is getting an unfair treatment by Real Housewives of Orange County fans because she may have said or done something that these fans didn’t appreciate. Miscarrying a child is a painful experience, and she should get support rather than judgment from viewers, even from people who may not like her. When Vicki Gunvalson’s mother died, people rallied around her to support her, including people who don’t necessarily like her. Petty drama may be easily judged, but these women share real-life moments that can be raw, real, and emotional.

What do you think of Meghan King Edmonds’ response to the follower who was clearly being rude and disrespectful about her miscarriage?

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