Vicki Gunvalson Net Worth To Increase With Cancer Charity, Compared To Casey Anthony

Vicki Gunvalson’s net worth suffered a major blow when she divorced Donn. On The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki revealed that she had been forced to pay him spousal support even though he was making his own money. Gunvalson ended up forking over what sounded like millions of dollars, and she was clearly hit by the divorce.

Gunvalson even questioned whether she could continue to live in her home. But she made it work and even paid for a new kitchen, as she recently renovated her home. Over the past couple of years, Vicki has worked hard to increase her net worth again by selling lots of insurance, and she has tried to start several businesses. But her latest venture has some people comparing her to Casey Anthony.

According to a new tweet, Vicki Gunvalson is starting a cancer charity, and she shared this news on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. While Vicki may have had good intentions in starting the cancer charity in hopes of clearing her name, many people thought that she was doing it all wrong. In fact, it may just backfire on her, as she could be making money from this new venture.

“Vicki Gunvalson starting a Cancer Charity is like Casey Anthony starting a Daycare. She has absolutely no shame!” one person wrote to Vicki Gunvalson after learning of the cancer charity, to which Vicki replied, “I will do whatever I can to help those in need & to help find a cure. I’ve donated to it myself. You might try it.”

It isn’t so much that Gunvalson is trying to help people that are dealing with cancer or even putting her time and effort into clearing up any lingering feelings in regards to the Brooks Ayers cancer scandal. The anger from viewers comes from the possibility that she could be making money from this venture, even though she already got plenty of attention from the scandal last year and her behavior on The Real Housewives of Orange County.


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“Let’s not forget that you will make money off their cancer!! Win win for you! No Shame,” one person wrote to Vicki, pointing out that it doesn’t make sense that she makes money on this business venture, especially since she’s trying to clear her name.

Vicki Gunvalson’s net worth is rumored to be around $7 million, and it may have been much higher before her divorce and the Brooks drama. Since Brooks left Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson has been trying to clear up any misunderstandings in relation to him. Vicki claims that she loved a man who lied to her. She feels that she’s just as big a victim as everyone else. And she just wants people to know that she is doing everything possible to make a wrong a right.

“I know the truth & I’m sorry if you don’t believe me. Why don’t you contact my x and ask him why he lied to me? I believed him,” Vicki Gunvalson wrote to the skeptics, who still believe that she knew that he was lying about cancer.

“How can you date & take care of someone for a year and not realize they’re faking it? But whatever lets you sleep at night #RHOC,” one person wrote to Vicki Gunvalson, who replied with, “Ha! Great analogy. I’m tired of talking about ‘him’. Why don’t they ask ‘him’ to explain unanswered?’s #MoveOn.”

Do you think Vicki Gunvalson will ever be able to move on from the drama? Do you think she’s doing the right thing in creating a cancer charity that she could potentially be making money and increasing her overall net worth?

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