‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Paul’s Confession Goes Unnoticed By Tracy — Will Susan Hornsby’s Appearance Reveal His Motive?

It appears that General Hospital fans may be getting a little bit closer to finding out why Paul Hornsby has been on a killing rampage for the past few months. It has been a long time coming, so hopefully his reasons for what he has done will be revealed very soon. He even confessed to Tracy Quartermaine that he killed Sabrina Santiago, but she didn’t realize that he meant it literally. Now, it looks like viewers may finally get a glimpse into what is motivating Paul to kill all of those people on his list.

As seen in the previews for Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, Paul will be paying a visit to his daughter, Susan. He has been making phone calls to her for weeks now, but her voice has not been heard at all on the other end. There is most likely a very good reason for that. According to spoilers put out by Celeb Dirty Laundry, Susan Hornsby is laid up in a hospital of some kind and will most likely be in pretty bad shape.


Something traumatic happened to Paul’s daughter, and whatever that is seems to have something to do with Monica Quartermaine and General Hospital. It looks like he has an agenda, and Monica was the last person on his list of people that he wanted to do away with. Being that Sabrina was not on that list, her death was not planned as she had figured out that he was the actual killer, and that is what prompted him to kill her. Paul seems to be distraught over her death, so maybe paying a visit with his daughter will give him what he needs to get back on track and to finish what he started.

On Monday’s show, Paul actually came right out and confessed to Tracy that he killed Sabrina. However, Tracy figured that he felt that way because he hasn’t been able to find out who the hospital serial killer is and he was upset about that. Obviously, Paul is the last person anyone would believe would be doing these dirty deeds.


If Anna Devane was in town right now, she may be quite suspicious of the district attorney. In fact, she will be coming back to Port Charles this week and will get caught up on everything that has happened since she has been gone. Anna knows that Paul killed Kyle Sloane and listened while Paul told her that Kyle had abused Susan while they were together. She may end up putting two and two together to blow this case out of the water when she returns. Will Anna figure out that Paul Hornsby is the General Hospital serial killer?

Viewers have known for a while that Paul’s motivation for doing all of this has something to do with his daughter. However, the exact involvement that Monica plays in all of this has yet to be revealed. Everyone will get to finally see Susan Hornsby in person, but she is expected to be comatose. Will all be revealed on Tuesday?

Someone should at least be a little suspicious of Paul soon. According to spoilers by SheKnows Soaps, Tracy will overhear a conversation that leaves her shaken. She was seen this week talking to Dillon about trying to find his half-sister, Susan, to form a relationship with her and as a way to cheer Paul up. Does Tracy go on the hunt herself and end up finding her? It would definitely shake things up if she were to find out that Susan is bedridden in the care facility and walk in to find Paul sitting there talking to her about his agenda of killing people.


Who will be the one to realize that it is someone close to them who has killed Sabrina and the others at General Hospital? It would be really dramatic if it were Paul’s son, Dillon, who suddenly realizes that his dad has been the killer all along and doing it in the name of his half-sister, whom he hasn’t seen since he was 10. No one has any idea at this point that it is someone right under their noses.

Who would you like to see that finally realizes that Paul Hornsby is the General Hospital serial killer?

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