Tamar Braxton Hospitalized, Goes On Bizarre Rant About Her Marriage & ‘The Real’

Tamar Braxton is setting the record straight on Instagram in a lengthy rant about the state of her marriage, her drama with former friends Monica and Toya Wright and her alleged feud with her former The Real co-hosts.

Tamar, who recently made her Instagram account private, posted a long caption about the recent drama and feud reports on the social media site in which she told fans that she’d been hospitalized while attempting to explain her recent marriage drama and her decision to unfollow her seemingly former friends.

According to The Jasmine Brand who posted a screen shot of Tamar’s lengthy message, Braxton took to Instagram on September 23 to show fans a look at her hospital bracelet from Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sanai hospital while also dispelling rumors that her recent social media activity had anything to do with her marriage to her husband of eight years, Vince Herbert, amid allegations of domestic abuse.

“Sites reporting that my Instagram page being private has ANYTHING to do with my marriage can SUCK it,” Braxton captioned the snap of her hospital bracelet, referring to recent reports claiming that Tamar and her husband got into a domestic dispute while on a trip to Atlanta last month.

Tamar Braxton Hospitalized, Goes On Bizarre Rant About Her Marriage & 'The Real'
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“I mean D**N!! My a** was in the d**n hospital? (if you must know),” Braxton wrote in the photo’s caption, which has since been deleted after Tamar made her account public again on September 26.

Though Braxton didn’t give an official explanation for her hospital stay, Tamar did tell her 2.5 million followers who still had access to her Instagram account that she was “tired of waiting and not [feeling] well.”

Tamar then went on to touch on her recent Instagram unfollowing of former friends Monica and Latoya Wright earlier this month, which got Tamar’s fans speculating at the time that Braxton waved bye-bye to the twosome after they both appeared on Season 3 of her former talk show The Real just months after Braxton was sensationally fired.

“Like why does it have to be ‘Houston she has ANOTHER problem’… she’s throwing shade cause WHILE I don’t feel well I don’t want to see certain s*** on my page?” Tamar Braxton asked amid reports of a brewing feud, “but that means I’m petty cause according to you ALL… unfollowing folks means DRAMA!”


Appearing to deny that her decision to unfollow Monica and Toya had anything to do with their respective appearances on Season 3 of The Real as Fameolous claimed earlier this month, the Braxton Family Values star instead claimed that she opted to stop receiving the twosome’s updates because they simply post too much.

“Some people post too d**n much!! And I will and do unfollow they a** cause I don’t feel like seeing your 147,997,886 zillion posts,” Tamar wrote in the Instagram caption, appearing to deny a feud. “Or I’m petty???… Chile? #gtfoh #takeoff or… oh… She’s having one hell of a year,” continued Tamar in part, “But if I tell you what is none of anyone’s business.”

But Braxton’s Instagram rant certainly wasn’t finished there.

“So I make my page private cause I simply feel like it AND cause y’all think y’all know EVERYTHING!?” continued Braxton of her social media activity. “Hell Jesus even needed a break from his friends (for you unsaved ones… the disciples) by going to the rock to pray to be BY HIM SELF WITH GOD!! #teamwornthin??”

Tamar Braxton Hospitalized, Goes On Bizarre Rant About Her Marriage & 'The Real'
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Adding that she was on “pain meds” during her hospital stint, Tamar then told fans, “How about some of Y’all need to get u a rock or a stomp and??? and build a [tent], a tiny house, or a sleepingbag, or some? #butanyOLEapologywilldo?”

Braxton has not alluded to her hospital stay in the days since she posted the pretty bizarre Instagram post, though Tamar does now appear to be recovering, as she has notably posted a number of snaps to the social media site of herself out of the hospital in the past week.

Just two days after Braxton showed fans her hospital bracelet, Tamar hinted that she was working on new music by posting a snap of herself in the studio to Instagram which Braxton captioned, “Where I don’t have to put on…. 100 percent ME!”

What do you think of Tamar Braxton’s lengthy message about The Real, her marriage to Vince Herbert, and her hospital stint on Instagram?

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