Tamar Braxton Unfollows Monica & Toya Wright Amid More 'The Real' Drama

Emily Hutchinson

Tamar Braxton's The Real drama is reportedly still going strong.

According to reports, Tamar appears to be making her feelings about The Real's season 3 premiere very much known on social media, allegedly unfollowing friends Monica and Toya Wright on Instagram for appearing on the show.

IB Times is reporting that Braxton clicked the unfollow button for both stars, whom she's reported to be friends with, on the social media site after both ladies made an appearance on Season 3 of The Real, the first to debut since Braxton was sensationally fired earlier this year, following its September 12 premiere.

Toya appeared on the show alongside Braxton's former co-hosts Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, Tamera Mowry-Housley and Jeannie Mai to discuss the heart-breaking death of her brother on September 14, while Monica guest starred on the Season 3 premiere of the Fox daytime talk show on September 12.

"So Tamar unfollowed Monica and Toya on the gram for going on The Real? SMH," Twitter user @drtruthspeaker tweeted out of Braxton, while Twitter user @ItsRobBean wrote, "If it's true that Tamar unfollowed Monica & Toya Wright off of IG over them being on The Real then that's petty & childish as hell."

"Tamar unfollowed Monica and Toya Wright because they appeared on The Real. Lawd Tamar is too d*** old to be this petty," @SUN_Of_Uhhh added.

Famolous also reported the unfollow drama, claiming that Braxton "is clearly bitter because she is good friends with both ladies," though that now appears to have changed.

Tamar Braxton is yet to comment on the speculation surrounding her decision to unfollow Monica and Toya on Instagram though she has made it known in recent weeks that she's not exactly on the best terms with her former The Real co-workers following her firing.

Braxton first alluded to drama with her former co-stars earlier this year, seemingly referring to Tamar, Adrienne, Loni and Jeannie as being "phony b*****s" on Instagram before unfollowing all of her former friends.

Tamar both liked and commented on a fan's Instagram image of Tamar sitting alongside her former co-stars alongside the caption "when you in a room full of phony b*****s, it's best to distance yourself."

Tamar commented on the image "Pretty much," just weeks before confirming that she is no longer friendly with any of the ladies.

Braxton later confirmed that she was no longer speaking to any of The Real ladies in a slew of now deleted tweeted last month, where she accused Tamera and Adrienne of only attending her son's birthday party in June in an attempt to "save their a***s" amid the drama.

"Baby, they came took [pics] and left," Braxton told a fan who asked if she was still close to her co-stars after they attended her family gathering according to BET. "You've heard of let me save my a** right?"

Braxton's former co-host Loni Love also alluded to drama between the former friends in an interview with Page Six, where she confirmed that none of the co-stars, who used to be friendly with Tamar off screen, have spoken to the singer in recent months.

"I have not spoken with her recently," Loni told the site in July when asked about her current relationship with Tamar. "None of the girls have spoken to her recently. We've reached out, but we haven't heard from her," Love continued. "People just want time. You can't badger them or make them talk, it's understandable."

What do you think of Tamar Braxton unfollowing Monica and Toya Wright on Instagram amid her continuing drama with her former The Real co-stars?

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