Bleach Bombing Victims Hold Rally At UT Austin In Response To Racial Attacks

A rally was held at the University of Texas at Austin earlier this week in response to a series of bleach bombing attacks.

According to the Huffington Post, several black students walking on campus have been hit with bleach-filled balloons. Police are currently investigating the incidents, which they believe are racially charged.

Taylor Carr, a sophomore anthropology student who was a victim of a bleach bombing attack, said:

“It is people of color they are attacking in West Campus. Until we put pressure on the university to [protect] us, these events are going to keep happening.”

Police in Texas have said that it could be difficult to prove that the bleach bombing attacks are hate crimes. The black students who have been hit by bleach balloons, however, are convinced that they have been targeted because of their race.

Chase Moore, a former student at UT student and community activist, said:

“This is not 1960. We are not going to be afraid to walk anywhere. We are not going back in time.”

The University has started a task force called the Campus Climate Response Team to deal with bleach bombing incidents and other possible hate crimes. Dean of Students Soncia Reagins-Lilly said that she was disturbed by the recent attacks but was proud to see her students exercising their voices.

“On one hand it is very troubling and unfortunate that these reported incidents have occurred; however, it is beautiful and powerful to see our community come together and voice their concerns.”

According to The Horn, this isn’t the only race related incident to occur on UT campus recently. The Greek Community at the school drew criticism earlier this year when it hosted a series of racially charged parties. The parties, which included a mainly white guest list, involved costumes based off of racial stereotypes.

Do you think the bleach bombing attacks were racially charged?