Big Bird Booked For Media Appearances Following Presidential Debate

After Big Bird’s career was threatened by Mitt Romney’s budget cut proposals during the presidential debate last night, the Sesame Street character has been requested to perform a media blitz to stick up for host channel PBS and is being courted for interviews with Jimmy Fallon, Piers Morgan, and more.

We kid you not. Big Bird himself has been asked to appear on Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Fallon, Piers Morgan, the Today show, and Good Morning America following his ignoble mention during the Denver debate. The giant yellow Muppet was oddly name-dropped by GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney during the debate last night, spawning numerous internet memes and commentator reaction to the potential pulling of government funding from the public network PBS.

According to Sesame Workshop, Big Bird is officially declining all appearances.

Though it’d be fun to see Big Bird on any of these programs, his appearance could possibly conflict with PBS’s professed standard of non-partisanship, despite a clear line being drawn between PBS and the Republican Party during the first presidential debate on Wednesday.

That doesn’t mean that PBS is laying down on their laurels. Mashable tells us that the station has made an ad buy for Big Bird on Twitter, coupling the hot searches for the character’s name with an ad for PBS that says “PBS is trusted, valued and essential,” and linking to, a website that explains the public service that PBS performs as well as its cost to taxpayers ($1.35 a year, for your information).

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