Kim DePaola Says Teresa Giudice Still Can’t Stand Melissa Gorga

Are Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga really as close and supportive of one another as the current The Real Housewives of New Jersey episodes and their social media accounts show? Not so, according to Kim DePaola. In an interview with All About The Real Housewives, posted on Friday, Kim, who frequently appeared on the show in previous seasons as Teresa’s friend, gave her opinion that Teresa’s current close relationship and friendship with Melissa is fake. Kim also accused Teresa of keeping their own friendship out of the spotlight because of pressure from Melissa. According to Kim, Melissa’s not only “emotionally blackmail[ing]” Teresa but is also going around telling people to not shop at her clothing boutique, Posche.

When asked about her current relationships with Teresa and her cousin, Kathy Wakile, Kim said that she’s great friends with Kathy. Kim said that she’s also still friends with Teresa but the friendship has changed a bit because of pressure from her brother and sister-in-law to show loyalty to Melissa’s new clothing boutique, Envy.

“I am great friends with Kathy. I am great friends with her whole family! I love Richie. Love Rosie. They are really sweet and real people. Teresa and I are still friends but it has been a little bit of a changed friendship and she is not so eager to display it anymore because she is being emotionally blackmailed by her brother and Melissa. Ever since Melissa opened Envy she had to prove her loyalty to her.”

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kim visited Teresa in January, right after Teresa finished serving her prison sentence. Kim posted a photo of herself in Teresa’s home with one of Teresa’s daughters in front of the Christmas tree.

Yet they seem to have had no or little contact since then. During Teresa’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show, Watch What Happens Live, in August, Teresa said that she hasn’t seen Kim in a while. Kim later posted a clip of Teresa’s statement about her to her Instagram page.

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Throughout the previous seasons, Kim witnessed some of the major drama that happened between Teresa and her sister-in-law, Melissa. Some of the show’s most dramatic fights happened during Kim’s Posche fashion shows. As Teresa’s friend, it’s likely that Kim heard a lot of negative things about Melissa from Teresa during the time when they were feuding. So what does Kim now think of Teresa and Melissa’s repaired family relationship and seemingly close friendship?

Kim thinks it’s phony. Kim told All About The Real Housewives that Teresa Giudice still can’t stomach the sight of Melissa.

“I think its phony and Teresa still can’t stomach the sight of her and no one can tell me anything different on that. You cannot hate someone and not allow them to come see you when you are in prison and then come out and hug and kiss like everything has been okay all along. Don’t believe that at all.”

Is Kim’s opinion on Teresa and Melissa’s relationship based on recent conversations that she has had with Teresa, or is Kim just not believing it based on what she saw and heard in the past? Perhaps viewers will see Kim reveal more during her upcoming appearance on the show.

What viewers will definitely see on The Real Housewives of New Jersey is Kim DePaola confronting Melissa Gorga about trying to harm her business. Kim said in her interview that she’s certain that Melissa told people to not shop at Posche.

“I know for sure that she told people that. I have confronted her on the show and off. You will see in upcoming episodes.”

Pointedly, Kim said that her sales have not been harmed in any way by Melissa opening her own clothing boutique. In what may be a dig at Melissa’s prices, Kim said that people shop at her boutique because her items are affordable.

“Absolutely not! Sales are better than ever. People come to shop because I am affordable.”

Kim’s accusations in her latest interview echoes what she told In Touch Weekly in July. In that interview, Kim accused Melissa of telling Jacqueline Laurita and the other cast members to not shop at Posche, to not film there and to not go to the Posche fashion show. Kim also described Melissa’s friendship with Teresa as fake and claimed that Melissa has had four nose jobs.

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The preview for season 7 shows Melissa, in one group scene, telling Kim to speak up. Kim does so.

“Some people love me for who I am and some people hate me for who I am.”

It remains to be seen whether viewers will see Teresa Giudice defend and stick up for Melissa when confronted by Kim.

During Melissa’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show, Watch What Happens Live, in July, a viewer called in and asked Melissa, who clashed with Kim in previous seasons, whether Envy was in competition with Posche. Melissa responded by calling Kim “a rat.”

“No, I think that every now and again, a rat needs to come out of the sewer for a piece of cheese.”

When Andy brought up Kim’s In Touch Weekly interview, asking Melissa about Kim’s claims, Melissa reiterated her phrase about a rat needing to come out for a piece of cheese every now and then.

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When asked about Melissa Gorga’s description of her as “a rat,” Kim pointed out to All About The Real Housewives that Melissa didn’t actually answer the question that she was asked. Kim added that Melissa’s the one who’s a rat and that she’s insignificant to her.

“She didn’t answer the question that Andy asked her. I have no idea why she said that ridiculous comment but she should know what a rat is because she is one and hangs out with rats. That comment she made was as insignificant as she is to me.”

On Friday, Kim DePaola revealed that viewers will see her on this coming Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. A clip of Kim’s scene that she posted to her Instagram page shows her rolling her eyes.

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