Was Lindsay Lohan Abused And Frightened? Egor Tarabasov Denies Her Accusations

Was Lindsay Lohan abused by her Russian ex-boyfriend, Egor Tarabasov? Lindsay’s terrifying story of abuse involves, at first, covering up her bruises, and trying to pretend her relationship was fine. According to TMZ, Miss Lohan alleges that Egor hit her throughout the relationship. Miss Lohan’s story also involves paying for her own engagement ring because previously-alleged-billionaire Egor was broke, and spending her money, according to her quotes in New York Daily News.

“He does not have money. What could I do? We lived in my home. I paid for everything. His father paid for many things, but mainly I was paying … I feel I was used. It is the first time in such a relationship when I was beaten, it is painful for me. I don’t want it, I am not a victim, I am a strong person,”

Lindsay Lohan and Egor Tarabasov have ended their relationship, despite reports earlier this month that the couple might reconcile. Lindsay had been spotted wearing her $240,000 emerald engagement ring, so some reports speculated that perhaps the couple had repaired their stormy relationship. Now Miss Lohan alleges she had to pay for her own ring anyway. Why not wear it?

Lindsay Lohan’s abuse claims are based largely on the idea she was increasingly frightened of Egor. She even says she was afraid of getting acid thrown in her face. As the abuse escalated, Miss Lohan says it finally ended in an alleged break-in while the young starlet was sleeping, and then her being strangled in an argument that happened on a balcony. Police were called because of her screams.

Lindsay Lohan’s statements to Russian TV’s Channel One are quoted in Jezebel.

“I wanted to do this interview because it’s time to tell the truth. There have been so many lies printed about me recently. I’ve kept quiet for so long but now I’m scared of what Egor might do to me and to himself.”

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Lindsay Lohan [Image by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]

Lindsay Lohan was recently the subject of a paid interview with the Russian press, in which she shared her bizarre account of Egor’s alleged behavior. Jezebel reports that Lohan was paid nearly $840,000 for her in-depth revelations to a Russian media outlet. Daily Mail quoted the interview.

“I went to bed and he broke into my house. He started strangling me. I jumped out to the balcony and shouted with all my force, ‘He’s trying to kill me, call the police!'”

Lindsay Lohan’s accusations are very vivid and violent. Lindsay even alleges that Egor Tarabasov threatened to throw acid in her face, to permanently mar her beauty. The break-in and attempted strangulation brought in police, but nothing came of that. Though police were dispatched to Miss Lohan’s balcony to rescue her, no other actions were taken and no arrests were made.

Egor Tarabasov denies everything in a statement he released, which is quoted in the Daily Mail.

“It has come to my attention that my former fiancée, Lindsay Lohan, is planning new smear campaign against me in the Russian and international media. My relationship with Lindsay came to an end in July 2016. In the weeks that followed, there were numerous attempts to discredit my name by inaccurately portraying the nature of our relationship, publishing distorted facts, and making false accusations.”

Though Lindsay Lohan maintains her statements to the Russian media are true, Egor Tarabasov has decided, after much thought, to come forward. He broke his silence on the matter to attest to his own innocence.

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Lindsay Lohan [Image by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images]

“I decided not to address those harmful and false statements at that time. As an international businessman, I aim to maintain a low profile and concentrate on developing my business. I also chose to keep my silence out of respect for Lindsay. Today, I would like to state that all accusations made, and about to be made, by Lindsay against me are not true.”

Egor Tarabasov claims that Lindsay Lohan has manufactured the story and that he did not do any of the things Lohan is alleging. He is concerned for his business and reputation according to the statement.

“I refuse to be dragged into the media storm created in the aftermath of our breakup. I will not be making any more statements with regards to my former relationship with Lindsay, but I will use all possible legal means to protect my name and reputation.”

Lindsay Lohan and Egor Tarabasov are probably not going to reconcile, despite her wearing the beautiful emerald ring she claims she bought for herself anyway. Other than that, it is very hard to determine what, if anything, transpired between the two with such conflicting stories.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan was abused by Egor Tarabasov?

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