Michael Moore: ‘John Kerry Is To Blame For Obama’s Debate Fail’

President Obama’s advocates are looking for anything and everything they can find to pin the blame on for the incumbent’s poor debate performance in Denver last night. Michael Moore, who fatalistically declared that he believes Mitt Romney will become president recently, has chosen a rather curious scapegoat: John Kerry.

Hey, at least he didn’t try to blame the altitude.

The progressive documentary filmmaker and activist joined several other celebrity advocates of President Obama in voicing displeasure over the incumbent’s performance at the first presidential debate of 2012, which covered topics relating to domestic policy. The first debate was arguably President Obama’s night, giving him the chance to promote his continuing vision for the country and defend his record from the deluge of attacks stemming from the right. Many media outlets have bemoaned that he didn’t strike Romney over his “47 percent” comments and other campaign missteps, while other figures have been desperately reaching for any explanation that could account for Obama’s lackluster showing.

Echoing fellow progressive celebrity Bill Maher, Moore’s Twitter feed throughout the debate was marked by disappointment. He called on Bill Clinton to intervene, America to wake up, and blamed Obama’s failure on John Kerry.

You may remember that John Kerry once ran for president himself in 2004 against incumbent George W. Bush, and despite performing well in the debates, he ultimately lost. For clarification of Moore’s remarks, Kerry served as “Mitt Romney” during President Obama’s debate preparation.

Do you think that President Obama’s poor performance is John Kerry’s fault? Did you follow Michael Moore on Twitter throughout the debate last night?