Married Music Teacher, 30, Arrested For Making X-Rated Videos Of At Least 40 Elementary Students

A 30-year-old male music teacher from Napier Elementary School in Nashville, Tennessee, has been arrested after law enforcement officers discovered 50 videos of 40 different elementary students undressing in a school closet. The married teacher, Jarrett Jones, allegedly recorded the videos by placing a small hidden camera in the closet and asking female students to change their clothing in the closet. The videos and images were then uploaded to the teacher’s computer.

The Daily Mail reports that a 30-year-old music teacher, Jarrett Jones, from Nashville, Tennessee, has been arrested on charges of aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor and sexual exploitation of a minor. Jones taught music classes at the elementary school from 2011 until 2015 when he was promoted to band director at the high school. However, during his time at Napier Elementary School, police discovered that the teacher was secretly recording female students undressing in a closet.

The x-rated videos were discovered by a co-worker when Jones requested help with some computer troubles. The co-worker says as he worked on the computer he found disturbing content and immediately contacted police. When authorities reviewed the computer, the found a folder titled “Napier” that contained 50 videos of elementary girls undressing in a music room closet.

The videos were reportedly each labeled with the student’s first name and appear to be taken without the knowledge of the student. The police say that Jones placed a small hidden camera in the closet that looked like a thumb drive and then directed young girls to change their clothing before music and choir concerts in the closet. The teacher then collected the videos on his computer. In addition to the videos, police also found over 1,000 explicit images of children that appear to have been downloaded from an outside source and are not students from the school.

In one video described by police, a young student enters the closet with Jones and is directed to try on a choir shirt. Jones leaves and the girl removes her coat and t-shirt but leaves her training bra on. She then puts the choir shirt on over it. However, when Jones returns, he is seen talking to the student for some time before touching the girl on the shoulder in the location that her bra strap is located. Jones leaves again, and the girl enters the closet once more, this time removing her training bra before putting on the choir shirt. Later, the girl enters the closet again and puts back on her bra and school shirt.

As a result of the investigation, Jones was placed on administrative leave from his job as assistant band director at the high school and is being held on a $100,000 bond. Reports indicate that the school district is planning to fire the teacher as he is arraigned on Friday. However, police note that Jones admitted to making the explicit recordings when confronted during a police interrogation.

Local authorities note that additional charges may be filed against the married teacher as the investigation continues. Meanwhile, parents report that Napier Elementary held a meeting for concerned parents to discuss the arrest. The District Attorney’s office was present for the meeting to take questions.

[Featured Image by Nashville Metro Police Department]