Korean Drama ‘The K2’ Episode 1 Teaser Shows Why Ji Chang Wook Really Quit Action Dramas [Video]

Korean Drama The K2’s Ji Chang Wook has made the startling announcement that the upcoming kdrama action series will be his last. But was he serious?

“It’s so difficult. It led to me telling myself that I would never do action again. The K2 will be Ji Chang Wook’s last action drama,” he said with a chuckle at a press conference ahead of the series premiere, Soompi reports. “I thought that as the episodes went on, the action would get reduced. It’s so difficult; it’s the most tiring project I’ve ever done,” he added.

For a glimpse of the hard work Chang Wook had to do, check out The K2’s episode 1 teaser and series trailer below.

“I worked out so much for this drama. I practiced a lot of martial arts at action school, and because my character is a former mercenary, I wanted to build muscle too, for a masculine look,” Chang Wook continued.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, in The K2, Ji Chang Wook stars as an ex-soldier who is hired as a bodyguard for a presidential candidate’s wife, Choi Yoo-Jin (Song Yoon-A). This upcoming kdrama series also stars singer/actress Girl Generation’s Yoona. K2 marks her return to Korean drama after a three-year hiatus. She will be playing the presidential hopeful’s daughter. The last time Yoona was on the small screen was for the Prime Minister and I series in 2013.


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According to Soompi, during the press conference, Ji Chang Wook said that he was initially concerned that The K2 would be similar to one of his previous kdramas, Healer. In Healer, Chang Wook also played a mercenary with superior fighting skills. However, that fear dissipated after he started working on the series.

“But the tone and atmosphere of the drama is different, so I think I’ll be able to show a different, more masculine, emotional character,” Ji said.

He added that the chemistry between the members of The K2 cast has been top-notch, which has us wanting to tune in even more.

“With [Girls’ Generation’s] Yoona, of course, and Song Yoon Ah, our chemistry is great,” he said, and with a laugh, “It’s my last action drama, so please tune in.”

Recently released photos from The K2’s episode 1 show that although this may be Chang Wook’s last action series, it may also be his grittiest. He did say that it took a lot out of him physically to deliver his performance, and it shows.

Although it was a challenging role for him, Ji Chang Wook may have chosen the role because he gets to take on a manlier persona.

In an interview with Vogue Korea, Chang Wook said that he wanted audiences to see more from his acting, (as reported and translated by fan-site, Ji Chang Wook Kitchen.)

“Now that I’m thirty, the look in my eyes seems to have become manlier in reality, and they seem to have a story. I like it even though people say that the age of 30 is a fantasy to men. I wanted to show that I’m different from before.”

K2 premieres on September 23, 8 p.m. KST.

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