Mastodon Tooth Found By Fisherman

A fisherman in Karnes City was hoping to catch dinner in the San Antonio River. Instead, he caught a mastodon tooth.

Davy Villanueva claims that he found the mastodon tooth during a fishing trip. Villanueva says that he was standing in about a foot of water when he noticed something strange in the water.

The fisherman said:

“I walked in the river and reached down in there and pulled it out, and wow, I never seen anything like this.”

The claim hasn’t been verified yet but Villanueva is sure that the ancient tooth belonged to a woolly mammoth. The fisherman said that after the discovery he did a lot of research on the internet and believes that he is the proud owner of a mastadon tooth.

Villanueva claims that he’s found other bones in the spot where he found the tooth. Recent rains, however, have temporarily halted the fisherman’s efforts to uncover a woolly mammoth. And don’t expect to aid the man in his search. Villanueva is keeping the spot a secret until he decides what to do with the tooth.

So far, he’s received a hundred dollar offer.

Do you think this fisherman actually found a mastodon tooth?

Here’s a video report from KESN.