Hoax? Keith Lamont Scott Dashcam, Bodycam Videos: Police Shooting Shows Scott With Gun, Not Book, Claim Those Who Watched Video

Where is the dashcam and bodycam footage of Keith Lamont Scott’s shooting by police officer Brentley Vinson? As reported by the Inquisitr, the world has already gotten to watch the reaction of Scott’s daughter — as seen in the below graphic Facebook Live video — directly after Officer Vinson shot and killed Keith. Now breaking reports claim that those who’ve seen the bodycam or dashcam footage of Vinson shooting Keith show Scott coming at police with a gun in his hand.

Keith Lamont Scott Shooting Video Released — Wife: ‘He Doesn’t Have A Gun, He Has A TBI’ [Graphic Video, Photo]

Warning: The below video contains language that might be disturbing to some viewers.

According to WSOCTV, as seen in the below tweet, the dashcam video shows Scott getting out of his car and coming towards police officers with a gun. The bodycam or dashcam video would tell a different tale than what Keith’s family has said, along with other witnesses to the shooting of Scott.

As seen in the above video, Scott’s daughter claimed that Keith was merely sitting in his car, reading a book, waiting for Keith’s son to get off of the school bus. Scott’s family claimed that the police banged on Keith’s window — and were dressed not in police uniforms, but dressed as undercover police. However, the police narrative claims that they came upon Scott when Keith was sitting in his car, with cops at the apartment complex attempting to serve a warrant on another person — not Scott. Authorities then claim that Keith had a gun, not a book.

However, Trendolizer has listed a similar report that Scott had a gun under their “hoax” news section. Until the dashcam and bodycam footage of Scott’s shooting is released to the public — it might not be clear what’s a hoax and what’s truth in the shooting situation of Keith.

Update: According to CNN, Officer Vinson was not wearing a bodycam — and Police Chief Kerr Putney states that the dashcam video does not show a gun from the vantage point of the video that he has seen.

Keith’s family claimed in the above video that Scott did not own a gun — but in fact said that Scott was afraid of guns. However, authorities disputed that account, claiming that no book was recovered from the scene — but wrote that there was a “gun on scene” after Scott’s shooting. A neighbor who witnessed Keith’s shooting said Scott’s hands were up.

As reported by NBC, the differing accounts of what happened when Keith was shot — whether Scott had a book or a gun — is something that the dashcam and bodycam videos could clear up instantly, if the videos are clear enough and shot from the right angles. However, due to new North Carolina laws going into effect, those dashcam and bodycam videos might not be readily and easily released to the public.

dashcam bodycam
[Photo by Gerry Broome/AP Images]

Officials have not yet said when they will release the dashcam and bodycam videos of Keith’s shooting — or if they will ever release the dashcam and bodycam videos to the public at large.

However, even if Keith had a gun, some are asking if Scott should have been ordered to drop his gun, reports the Charlotte Observer‎. According to the publication, the state of North Carolina allows the open-carry of a handgun by people like Keith — and to legally carry a concealed weapon — but only with a permit to do so.

Meanwhile, the shooting of Scott on Tuesday in Charlotte has caused protests and riots and violence. Photos from the protests — along with reactions to the dashcam and bodycam videos not being released to the public yet, as well as reactions to those who’ve watched the Scott shooting dashcam and bodycam videos — can be witnessed below.

“If only the mayflower had a dashcam…”

keith lamont scott [Image by Gerry Broome/AP Images]

“There are many variables. Again, hopefully the dashcam will bring clarity.”

please don’t share any footage of it, dashcam/bodycam w/e. I don’t want people to see it and feel sad nor desensitized.”

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